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OFW Voter’s Registration Process – iRehistro Voter’s Registration Guide

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions and the country trying to flatten the curve, physically going to your local Comelec office can be challenging and, for most, a complete risk. While you have to register and cast your vote for our country’s next leaders, getting yourself registered is a must and a right you should never procrastinate.

This is where iRehistro, COMELEC’s alternative way to cut down and improve the registration process. This online initiative is designed to allow upcoming voters to pre-register and fill out their forms at home and schedule an appointment ahead of time

When you visit COMELEC‘s site for this process, you may find yourself in various categories. This is applicable for both local and OFW new voters. 

Take note that accomplishing the form doesn’t mean you’re already registered. COMELEC emphasizes that if you’re an eligible voter, you can proceed to your local office for personal form submission and completion after filling in the form. 

For local voter’s registration, choose from any following categories and provide all essential details on your form. Once the form is updated, you will need to save it, print it as directed, and proceed to the nearest local office in your area. 

Step 1. Choose your type of application

Step 2. Complete your personal information

Step 3. Provide all supplementary data, citizenship details, and address information.

Step 4. Set your appointment. Once your done, click the “SHOW PROCEED INFORMATION DETAILS’ and print the form. 

OFW new voter’s application requirements

Note: Complete registration form is automatically saved/downloaded to the device or smartphone you used for registration. Follow all printing requirements you’ll see on your screen. 

For OFW new voter’s application, you will need to provide ad complete the following form:

  • Registration form
  • Certification
  • Transfer/Reactivation transfer
  • Change name, status, or correction from your previous record
  • Reinstatement of your name, which may have been omitted from the OFW National Registry
  • Certification approval pending or a request to withdraw your application for voter’s registration
  • Change or updating your current address (must be within the same country and post)
  • For reactivation
  • Signature and photo update

OFW Voters Registration Process/Venue

Regardless of which country you are in, the registration phase is similar to the Philippines scheduled. This is from the 1st of September to the 30th of September 2021. Therefore, if you need to transfer your voter’s registration application, it will be entertained only until the 31st of August 2021. 

OFW can visit designated COMELEC voting office offices at the primary office from Monday until Thursday from 8 am to 4 pm on the ground floor of Palacio del Gobernador Building, General Luna corner A. Soriano Avenue in Intramuros, Manila

Step by Step Guide for OFW Voters Registration

1. Book an appointment through one of these links/methods

  • Email at
  • Facebook page for OFW Voting, you can choose to send a message or press the “Book Now” option. 
  • Mobile number to contact: (0951) 875-9882/ (0905) 034-5158

2. Once you complete the first process, the OVOF will then coordinate with you, provide an appointment, and assist you on how to complete the registration form. 

3. You’ll need to download the form and fill it out with the necessary details (OVOF 1). You don’t need to fill in PART III and keep it blank as this is required to be completed in COMELEC’s office with an officer/staff present.

4. Once done, submit the form to the OVOF email or through the Facebook page via private message.

5. Wait for the confirmation notification to ensure the registration process is successful. You will receive your ACS slip (confirmation slip for an appointment) with your transaction details, instructions, and checklist from your voter’s registration. 

6. During the date of your appointment, please arrive on or before your schedule at least 30 minutes prior to your schedule.

7. Provide the screenshot or printout of the ACS slip to the building’s security staff. 

8. Complete the Health Declaration document.

9. Provide the original passport (Seaman’s Book if you are a sea-based overseas worker) to COMELEC staff or representatives.

10. You will then need to complete biometrics capture. When you complete the process and acknowledge it, a receipt will be issued on your behalf. 

Note: Without a confirmed appointment, you will not be entertained. Additionally, wearing a face shield and mask is mandatory. Finally, always follow the safety protocols that COMELEC implements. 

Final words

Exercise your right to vote. Whether you reside in the country or not, you can make a difference, and your voice needs to be heard if you cannot go physically to a COMELEC’s office, register online before the30th of September 2021.
Comelec Voters Registration

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