Tips: How to call a landline using #GLOBE & #TM prepaid numbers

Tips for making a call to a landline using a #GLOBE prepaid number.
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Updated: July 9, 2023

call a landline using #GLOBE & #TM

In today’s digital age, where mobile communication dominates, it’s easy to overlook the importance of landline phones. However, landlines still play a significant role, especially when contacting businesses, offices, and households that rely on these traditional connections. Prepaid users of #GLOBE or #TM who need to call a landline number may be unsure of the best way to proceed. Fortunately, we’re here to help!

In this guide, we’ll provide you with valuable tips on how to call a landline using #GLOBE and #TM prepaid numbers. Tips for easy and smooth phone conversations with business contacts, inquiries, friends or family. So, let’s dive in and explore the simple steps you need to follow to connect with landline numbers from your #GLOBE or #TM prepaid account.

How to call landline using Globe

Globe is a mobile company that offers Globe SIM cards for various mobile networks. Globe SIM cards are sold in stores or through websites like or Lazada. Globe SIM cards are used in conjunction with Globe’s network and the customer’s existing phone number to provide voice and data services.

Globe Telecom is the Philippines’ largest GSM network. Globe Telecom offers prepaid and postpaid plans, as well as mobile services and the Internet. Globe Telecom offers prepaid and postpaid plans, as well as mobile services and the Internet.

The best thing about Globe prepaid is that it has an array of promos that you can avail on your phone. You will be able to enjoy the following promos:

  • Unlimited Texts
  • Unlimited Data
  • Unlimited Minutes
  • Free SMS
  • Free Calls

Globe Prepaid cards have been widely used for many years. These cards come in many promo plans and sizes from large promos for international travel, to smaller cards promotions which can be used for everyday purchases. There are many benefits to using Globe prepaid cards. They allow the customer to know exactly what they are getting and what they are spending.

Calling a landline using GLOBE or TM

Last year, the NTC decided to migrate form 7 digit landline numbers to 8 digits in compliance to the NTC Memorandum Order No. 10-10-2017.

call gobe

Here are some ways on how you can make a call to a landline number using your GLOBE & TM Prepaid number.

globe load to call landline

For calls to Philippine Landline Numbers

Dial 0 + Area Code + PTE code + 7 digit landline numbers

Ex. For PLDT: 0+2+8+1234567

Here’s the PTE assigned to each telephone company:

  • 3 for Bayan Telecommunications Inc.
  • 5 for Telecommunications Technologies Philippines Inc.
  • 6 for ABS-CBN Convergence Inc.
  • 7  for Globe Telecommunication, Inc.
  • 8 for Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT)


The standard charge is P7.50/minute

Globe Telecom’s call charges to other networks, whether mobile or landline, stand at P7. 50/minute while Globe to Globe/TM regular call rate is at P6. 50/minute. Regular calls from TM to Globe/TM is at P5.

NOTE: Charges may vary


Globe Telecom, the Philippines’ second-largest mobile phone company, has been operating in the country since 1994. It’s a company that’s remained relatively unchanged over the years; it’s been led by the same people for more than two decades.


TM, also known as Touch Mobile or Republika ng TM, is a distinguished mobile network brand owned by Globe Telecoms in the Philippines. Formerly known as Islacom, this telecommunications company functions utilizing 0915 prefixes. Join TM Tambayan today!

Globe to Landline Tips

To get the Sulit value of your Globe Prepaid number, always check the latest promos available, there are some really awesome deals that launch from time to time, including unlimited bonuses for internet calls or data usage. Why is it important? Well.. para Sulit and tawag mo! If you are more into Data, Tiktok, Instagram or Facebook or other social channels. Check the other data plans avail, we know that social channels have their own special unli plans!

Calling a landline? not everyone has a landline already.. so what to do then the next best thing is to call a mobile phone or any messaging apps that your partner has and those too have special promos!

globe load to call landline

List of Philippine Mobile Network Prefixes for Globe and TM Phones

0817 networkGlobe Telecom
0937 networkGlobe Telecom
0973 networkGlobe Telecom
0904 networkGlobe Telecom / TM
0905 networkGlobe Telecom / TM
0906 networkGlobe Telecom / TM
0915 networkIslacom /Globe Telecom / TM
0916 networkGlobe Telecom / TM
0917 networkGlobe Telecom / TM
0926 networkGlobe Telecom / TM
0927 networkGlobe Telecom / TM
0935 networkGlobe Telecom / TM
0936 networkGlobe Telecom / TM
0945 networkGlobe Telecom / TM
0953 networkGlobe Telecom / TM
0954 networkGlobe Telecom / TM
0955 networkGlobe Telecom / TM
0956 networkGlobe Telecom / TM
0963 networkGlobe Telecom / TM
0964 networkGlobe Telecom / TM
0965 networkGlobe Telecom / TM
0966 networkGlobe Telecom / TM
0967 networkGlobe Telecom / TM
0975 networkGlobe Telecom / TM
0976 networkGlobe Telecom / TM
0977 networkGlobe Telecom / TM
0978 networkGlobe Telecom / TM
0979 networkGlobe Telecom / TM
0994 networkGlobe Telecom / TM
0995 networkGlobe Telecom / TM
0997 networkGlobe Telecom / TM
globe load to call landline

In conclusion, knowing how to call a landline using #GLOBE and #TM prepaid numbers can be extremely beneficial, allowing you to stay connected with businesses, offices, and loved ones who rely on landline connections. By following the tips outlined in this guide, you can easily make calls to landline numbers without any hassle.

Remember to ensure that you have sufficient prepaid credits on your #GLOBE or #TM account before attempting to call a landline. Keep in mind that international calls or long-distance calls may have different rates and require additional credits.

By understanding the process and following the steps provided, you can confidently reach out to landline numbers from your #GLOBE or #TM prepaid account. Whether it’s for professional purposes or personal connections, this knowledge will enhance your communication experience and help you stay in touch with important contacts.

As technology continues to advance, it’s important to appreciate the convenience and reliability that landline phones offer. You can call landline numbers using your #GLOBE or #TM prepaid number by following the tips in this guide.

Stay connected, stay informed, and enjoy the seamless calling experience with #GLOBE and #TM prepaid numbers!

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