How To Renew Your Philippine Passport

Expired or expiring passport? Here’s a complete guide on how you can easily renew your passport and cut the long queue when trying to walk into the nearest DFA office. Since the global pandemic continues to paralyze most of our local government offices and facilities, most of the procedures are done online. 

Can you Walk-In Into DFA for Passport Renewal?

DFA ONLY accepts emergency or exceptional cases through their Courtesy lane on their consular offices around the country. If you’re a non-emergency applicant, we strongly suggest securing your online appointment at the DFA website: passport.gov.ph.

Below is the complete list of what you’ll need to accomplish if you wish to renew your Philippine passport. 

  • Personal Appearance
  • Confirmed Appointment Schedule
  • Duly Accomplished Application Form
  • PSA Birth Certificate
  • 2 Valid IDs
  • Original/Old Passport

*For a woman who opts to retain her maiden name, the marriage contract will not be needed. 
*For Adult Renewal Applications, additional requirements may be needed. 

Visit the passport.gov.ph/appointment  site and secure your online slot. Ensure that all fields are correctly and carefully filled out and provide essential details of your accurate information. 

  • It’s required to use valid Yahoo or Google email accounts when securing your online appointment slot to prevent technical incompatibilities and issues.
  • Your online schedule for passport renewal appointment will be sent to the email address you provided on the online form.

The DFA implements a strict “BY APPOINTMENT POLICY.” The online application procedure is conveniently easy and accessible. After following the detailed instructions and all details are correctly encoded, here’s what you’ll need to do once your appointment date is set. 

1. Appointment Schedule

Book your online schedule for the nearest DFA Service center close to your area. The system will let you choose which area you want to file your renewal application. Choose the most convenient date and time. 

Confirmation of appointment details will be sent to the email address that you provided. 

2. Fill out and print the Application Form

Whether renewal or new passport, the same application form will be required to fill out for identification and filing purposes. Download the form, print it, and fill it out legibly. Ensure accurate information is provided before the contact details. 

3. Go to your appointment schedule date

Bring all duly accomplished requirements and application forms during the appointment date. Arrived 30 minutes to an hour before your appointment as latecomers will not be entertained. 

Step-By-Step Guide Procedure: 

For first-time passport holder renewal or going by yourself to the consular office, here’s a quick guide: 

  1. Arrive on time on your confirmed appointment date, time, and place. 
  2. Present your online application form to the DFA’s Appointment Counter, and you’ll be given your queue number.
  3. Once your number is displayed or called, proceed to the closest vacant Processing Area window.
  4. Provide all your duly accomplished requirements. Your documents will be subject to verification and completion.
  5. Once documents are all verified and completed, payment is required.
  6. Passport renewal fees vary for preferred processing days. 
  7. After payment has finished, go to the encoding area for biometrics, image capturing, and signature data
  8. Wait for the receipt with the stamped date to when you’ll come back and receive your passport. You may opt for your passport to be delivered to your doorsteps or home address and pay an additional courier fee (Php120 minimum)

Processing Fee Guide: 
Regular processing time: 15 days = Php950
Express processing time: 7 days = Php1200

Note* Processing fee charges are subject to change. Confirm with the Consular Office or personnel upon appointment date.

Passport Renewal Do’s and Don’t 


  • Renew passport six (6) months before its expiration date to prevent inconveniences/delays on international travel.
  • Update all required documents, including IDs and Birth Certificate of your updated information
  • Ensure all data is complete and valid on the Application Form
  • Ensure to provide a working and valid email address to receive DFA notifications.
  • Ask immediate relatives or family members to receive your accomplished passport with a proper authorization letter.
  • Take care of your passport correctly and avoid tampering, stapling, or exposing to moisture or heat, and folding it. 
  • Remember that contact lenses and earrings are not allowed when image capturing is in progress. 
  • Showing your teeth is also prohibited.


  • Don’t be picky with your appointment date, as slots are given on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • You have six (6) months to receive your renewed passport before the stamped date to the DFA releasing area.
  • Unclaimed passports after six (6) months are canceled and disposed of.
  • Foer correction issues, approach any personnel instantly. 
  • Never deal with illegal fixers when trying to renew your passport. 

You should not find it cumbersome to renew your passport, either for future travel plans or because your job requires you to do so. Following the steps in this complete guide, your next passport renewal should be simpler and faster. 

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