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Jose Marie Chan Christmas Memes – Best of 2024

Jose Marie Chan Christmas Memes

Despite the pandemic being a mainstay in our lives, Filipinos are born to find the beauty, the fun, and the silver lining on each gray cloud. Just a few minutes till the clock strikes twelve—officially the start of BER mons, everyone has been spreading good cheer! 

The Philippine’s iconic Christmas symbol, gone are the days of “parol” or lantern, and now everyone is just so excited with the Pinoy Christmas, none other than Jose Marie Chan. 

Besides the will-never-be-forgotten “whenever I see girls and boys” lyrics, everyone is going crazy and making crazily fun memes of the iconic singer-songwriter Jose Marie Chan. 

Admit it, let’s forget about the weight of pandemic, rising number of cases, and focus on these must-share memes that are not trending on various social media platforms. 

Jose Mari Chan seems to be the light that keeps smiling for us during these trouble times!

Welcome the BER months with Philippines Father Christmas!

jose mari chan

Epic reminder that seniors are not allowed to go out! Hang in there!

jose mari chan memes

Mimics the infamous Teletubbies intro!

best of jose mari chan memes

The time has come!

ber months na

We wonder when all of this will ever end, but for now. It’s his time to serenade us!

jose mari chan is coming

Is everyone ready? This is it!

jose mari chan takes over the philippines

We’ll see more tomorrow!

Final words

Somehow, we will all agree that Christmas is always in our hearts and some memes to keep us entertained. As September strikes at midnight, indeed, everyone is all excited to share their fave Jose Marie Chan Christmas memes and play his songs in the background. This never gets out of style! 

Jose Mari Chan never fails to put a smile on our faces! He is now immortalized as a Christmas icon for generations to come! Mabuhay ka Sir Jose Mari Chan and thank you for always putting Christmas in our hearts!

We leave you with a playlist to surely melt your hearts!

The Ultimate Jose Mari Chan Christmas Playlist!

[00:00] 01 A Perfect Christmas

[04:13] 02 Count Your Blessings (Instead Of Sheep)

[07:52] 03 When A Child Is Born

[12:01] 04 Christmas In Our Hearts

[15:28] 05 Mary’s Boy Child

[19:28] 06 Little Christmas Tree

[22:47] 07 A Christmas Carol

[25:19] 08 A Wish On Christmas Night

[28:52] 09 The Sound Of Life

[31:22] 10 Do You Hear What I Hear?

[34:07] 11 The Lord’s Prayer

[36:27] 12 May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You

[39:42] 13 It Is The Lord

[42:05] 14 Give Me Your Heart For Christmas

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