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Jala Jala, Rizal: A place hidden with beauty

Rizal Province is a calming yet adventurous runaway place near Metro Manila. It is known to have beautiful mountain ranges, graceful falls and has great festivals. But did you know that there is a land in Rizal that is not yet seen by many?

Jala Jala, pronounced as “hala hala”, is the last side of Rizal that is composed of farmlands and fishing areas. This small town lives by the agriculture of their land. They are famous for their good quality rice, flavorful yogurts and milk, fresh meat and fishes. You’ll enjoy freshly picked foods without any preservatives while you’re in this place.

Other than their products and services, the view is amazingly beautiful. Jala Jala faces the side of Laguna lake wherein you can see the reflection of Mt. Maria Makiling to the water as you face the lake. You can also see the Sierra Madre, the longest mountain range in our country, just beside you. When the sunset hits by 5pm, that’s where you’ll see the colorful skies play along with different colors.

Here are the places when you can see the beauty of Jala Jala:

Sunflora Farm

jala jala rizal,travel philippines
Source: Sunflora Facebook page

If you love sunflowers, SunFlora farm is for you. It is a farm full of Sunflowers and other kinds of flowers. The entrance fee is ?20 only. At the entrance, you will be asked for COVID-19 precautions. However, due to the pandemic, they only allow visitors from 16 years old to 64 years old. You might want to bring your best camera because this place is Instagram worthy. From the flowers to the serenity of the place, you’ll enjoy the worth of your ?20. You can also buy flowers and vegetables there.

Lily’s Vacation Farm

jala jala rizal,travel philippines
Source: Lily’s Vacation Farm Facebook page

Lily’s Vacation Farm is a fun runaway vacation house that offers a lot of activities. They have horseback riding, swimming pool, bonfire nights with the milky way, basketball court, swing set and a huge field where you can do anything else. This place is a family or friendly outing for everyone. The rate is from ?15,000 to ?25,000 per night for the maximum of 15-20 persons. You can book at this site for more information https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/16933937

This place is really worth it from a 3 hour drive from Metro Manila. All in all, there is still undiscovered beauty in Jala Jala and it is up to us to explore that beauty within.

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