40 Best Places to Visit in Laguna – Exciting Tourist Attractions!

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Laguna is home to many tourist attractions including beaches, waterfalls, historical sites, and museums.

Laguna is a great place to visit because it offers something for everyone. From beautiful beaches to historic landmarks, Laguna has something for every type of traveler and it is just around 40 mins drive from the Metro.

We have put together a list of 40 places to visit in Laguna, ranging from famous landmarks to amazing museums and waterfalls. These attractions will help you plan a perfect vacation in Laguna.

Did you know? – The Laguna Lake is the largest inland body of water in the Philippines and the third largest in Southeast Asia.

Another fun fact is Laguna is the home of the buko pie! Yum! This is one of the treats usually bought as pasalubong for the family.

Here are the best Tourist Attractions in Laguna. 40 Best Places to Visit on your Trip!

Tourist AttractionName of AttractionAddressContact Number
Hulugan Falls6F6H+9WQ, Luisiana, Laguna639213865215
Enchanted KingdomRSBS Boulevard, San Lorenzo Rd, South, Santa Rosa, 4026 Laguna63285843535
Cavinti Falls4013, Cavinti Bridge I, Cavinti, 4013 Laguna639473618360
Panguil River Eco-Tourism ParkCF7J+7MR, Pangil, Laguna63495721099
HIDDEN Falls6F5M+WPQ, Luisiana, LagunaNot found.
NHCP Museo ng Libingan sa Ilalim ng Lupa ng Nagcarlan (Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery)4CJ8+F25, Nagcarlan, Laguna639052484147
Makiling Botanic GardensCollege, University of the Philippines, Los Baños, 4031 Laguna63495362637
Taytay Falls3GX3+5PM, Majayjay, Laguna639179013390
Buruwisan FallsFF4Q+JFX, Siniloan, Laguna639057802329
Talay Falls6F6M+4H3, Luisiana, LagunaNot found.
Sta. Elena Fun Farm63WM+63H, Cabuyao, Laguna639209131349
Sinabak Spring4F9J+FG4, Malinao Bridge, Majayjay, LagunaNot found.
Cavinti Underground River and Caves Complex7JJM+8XF, Cavinti, Laguna639055174371
Dampalit Falls5667+QQH, Los Baños, LagunaNot found.
National Arts Center5678+798, Ibarang Rd, Los Baños, LagunaNot found.
Bunga Falls49WX+C79, Brgy, Nagcarlan, LagunaNot found.
Splash IslandSouthwoods Ave, Biñan, 4024 Laguna639189129177
Caliraya Highlands7H7Q+C2, Cavinti, LagunaNot found.
MACAGBA FALLS6HWR+366, Road, Cavinti, Laguna639463538347
Makiling Forest Reserve Laguna335 Real Rd, Real, Calamba, 4027 LagunaNot found.
Porosa falls7G8C+8QW, Kipot Acces Pathway, Cavinti, LagunaNot found.
Sundang IslandLake Lumot, Cavinti, 4013 Laguna639989871840
Calumpang Hanging Bridge6C33+8V9, Nagcarlan, LagunaNot found.
Paete, Laguna9F7J+MG5, Madrinan St, Paete, LagunaNot found.
A4J Brena’s Farm4F27+3M6, Brgy, Liliw, 4004 Laguna639175077074
Hacienda Lazaro49F9+39P, Unnamed Road, Nagcarlan, Laguna639178894385
Ambon-Ambon FallsCF7J+8M3, Pangil, LagunaNot found.
Lumot Lake7G5M+J5Q, Lumban – Caliraya – Cavinti Rd, Lumban, LagunaNot found.
Mabitac MarkerF93C+RXW, Mabitac, LagunaNot found.
SUBIC BAKID6GP7+H5G, Access Road, Cavinti, Laguna639463538347
Tanawan View Deck8FQR+J6Q, San Antonio Road, Kalayaan, LagunaNot found.
Kubo by the Lake6HM6+F3, Cavinti, LagunaNot found.
Pueblo El Salvador Eco-Park and Picnic Grove4013, Cavinti Bridge I, Lumban, Laguna639055174371
Pagsanjan Gorge Tourist Zone7F7W+P97, Unnamed Road, Cavinti, LagunaNot found.
Pagsanjan Gorge Tourism Zone7F8Q+6CH, Cavinti, LagunaNot found.
Camp Silva Hot Spring4742+FM4, San Vicente, Calauan, Laguna639485145700
TANAW de RIZAL PARK3CF6+G2W, Rizal, LagunaNot found.
The Cliff at Naculo Falls7F7X+2XP, Magdapio Road, Brgy, Cavinti, Laguna639173172052
Flor’s Farm59RM+25J, Unnamed Road, Nagcarlan, LagunaNot found.
Three Crosses of Paete9F7R+XVF, Paete, LagunaNot found.
St Ambrose Biodiversity FarmBrgy, San Pablo City, Laguna639175977056
Bumbungan Eco-park4013, Cavinti Bridge I, Lumban, Laguna639055174371


In conclusion, if you’re looking for a place to visit in Laguna, look no further than the beautiful waterfalls or springs here. There are tons of fun activities to enjoy, from eating to hiking to swimming. And you won’t have to worry about finding parking because the city has lots of free public spaces. Just grab your towel and head down to the water or go up and climb Mt. Makiling. Whatever you choose, Sulit talaga!

40 Best Places to Visit in Laguna – Exciting Tourist Attractions!

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