Why KIA?

Why KIA?

Purchasing a new vehicle with tons of big names on the market can be a massive challenge for first-time automotive buyers. KIA’s excellent reputation speaks about quality over affordability. This brand continues to terrify the automotive industry. 

So why buy KIA? Is it a good brand? What models should you look for and factors to consider when purchasing a new vehicle? Here’s a complete buying guide for the experienced buyer or a newcomer. 

KIA continues to emerge and be on top of the competition. They have been investing in excellent designs and high-class engineered vehicles while staying on track with competitive prices. They present the most powerful standard features in every class. KIA receives the best reviews and insights regarding safety, aesthetics, affordability, quality awards, and warranty. 

Is KIA a Good Brand?

KIA offers outstanding quality and ranks number one when it comes to buyers’ primary quality for two years in a row now. They have received model awards under their nameplate and ranks the highest when it comes to small and midsize SUVs, compact car, large car, packed and multi-purpose compact vehicle’s initial quality. 

KIA is a reliable and trusted automotive brand; you simply cannot ignore it. While it has a low reputation in the past, this gives them the advantage and redeems themselves. Now KIA ranks 3rd among 32 car brands when it comes to reliability and maintenance issues. 

KIA guarantees reliability and offers the best car warranties among its top competitors. While most manufacturers offer a 3-year bumper-to-bumper and 5-year warranty (powertrain), KIA has a wider margin. This includes a 5-year bumper-to-bumper warranty and 10-year powertrain assurance—the only car manufacturer which offers excellent warranty standing. 

KIA has channelled billions in research, manufacturing, and development to ensure every manufacturer of cars are better than ever. KIA introduces an improved and more reliable car lineup in the marketplace and becomes the leading global steamroller in the automotive industry. 

What Are the Top Selling KIA Models?

This leading Korean car manufacturer makes mainstream SUVs and cars flexing various luxury automotive designs, paving the way to popular automotive reviewers’ hands. With that, we’ve rounded up the most popular and top-selling KIA models you may want to add on your selection process: 


Forte is a decked-out compress car that comes with stunning gas mileage. It’s a standard seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission turbocharged engine. Since 2009, this model has had several upgrades. 

Forte’s base-level is a steal all-in-all containing most of KIA’s best bells and whistles and trim. There is a spacious five people, smart trunk, front 10-way adjusting seats, a lane department system, a touch screen, and over 41MPG road mileage. 


Stinger by KIA is a middle-size car that debuted in 2017 and inspiration by KIA’s GT Concept car. It offers two engine configurations, it’s base model comes with a 3.3L Twin Turbo V6 engine, automatic 8-speed, and provides a 365hp. If you’ll look at it closely, it’s similar to the BMW 3 series and Mercedes-Benz luxury class (C-Class). 

In 2019, KIA advertised the Stinger as more robust than BMW 4400i Gran Coupe, Audi SS Sportback, and Porsche Panamera (RWD V5). This five-seater leather interior, 19″ wheels and Brembo brakes vehicle is Coca-Cola bottle inspired and worth the buzz. It’s even rated and ranked as the best vehicle KIA built.


Sorento is ideal for prominent families or people that haul tons of stuff when out for an adventure. With standard 3-row, can accommodate 7 (73cu ft) people on its passenger seat, it’s as spacious as you want it. Sorento comes with an all-wheel drive, 260 hp, and V6 engine, making it capable of taking over rough terrain going to your camping or hiking adventure. 

Overall, it’s a cost-effective SUV which can tow up your bass boat, standard trailer, tiny house, or anything up to 5k pounds. It also offers five available trims with various upgrades like lane assist, panchromatic sunroof, and leather trim. 


Sportage is previously KIA’s go-to when it comes to SUVs. In addition to its affordability, low-maintenance cost, inexpensive fixed, it’s one of the most reliable SUVs to check. Like Telluride, the new upgrade Storage offers a fantastic 5-year/60K-mile basic warranty and 10-year/100K-mile drivetrain warranty too.


Telluride might be the newcomer but has tons of positive feedback and praises from previous owners. It’s considered as one of the most excellent SUVs nowadays and the benchmark of other SUVs. 

With ample seating capacity, robust engine, efficient and straightforward, it’s the culmination of the brand’s quality improvements. It also comes with a massive 5-year/60k-mile basic warranty and 10-year/100k-mile drivetrain assurance.


When it comes to comfortable functionalities and elegance, KIA Seltos is a must-check. It offers a welcoming, well-designed, and spacious interior in one SUV. This multifunctional all-arounder vehicle will transform your outdoor adventures like never before.

It’s a total head-turner due to its modern and stylish look that showcases comfort. It comes with three variants ( SX, EX, and LX) that can quickly and cozily accommodate five people. The interior offers smart entry, push-start button, auto climate control, 6-speaker setup (Bose audio system), heads-up display, 60:40 split back seats that come with reclining backs, and party mode ambient lighting. 

Final Word

With the best selling KIA models and their features on hand, it’ll be easier for you to find the right car to meet you and your family’s growing needs. Schedule an appointment, visit the nearest showroom and book for a test drive today!