How to subscribe to Vivamax

vivamax subscription
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vivamax is a popular Pinoy entertainment site that has been featured on Inquirer, Akiba, Al Jazeera, etc. vivamax provides fun and informative videos, articles, and quizzes that are designed to provide you with the information you need to make the right choices for your life. The site also encourages pinoys to share their personal stories and experiences on their social media pages, which is a good tool to help people understand their choices and behavior, and may help them to choose the right ones.

Subscribe to Vivamax in a few steps!

  1. Create a Vivamax account

2. Choose your plan, subscription method and make your payment.

Setup your account, if needed. All set! You can start streaming unlimited content by logging in on the Vivamax App or on your computer at

When Creating Vivamax account, you will need to submit the following

  1. Name
  2. Mobile Number
  3. Email Address
  4. Your preferred password

Create your Vivamax Account

Choose a vivamax subscription model.

  1. Pay via Vivamax subscription on Paymaya, GrabPay, Gcash, ECPay, 7-Eleven or any Credit or Debit Card.
  2. Subscribe via Voucher Redemption – purchase voucher and redeem code on website
  3. Download app and purchasee In-App – Vivamax available on App Store, Google Play and AppGallery

Once done, you will be redirected to the home page to see what movies are about to be released on Vivamax! Stay tuned for multiple releases this Dec 2021!

Back in the days, Pinoy television programs were made with a lot of effort. These programs had characters that were much different from what we have now. They had interesting concepts, interesting stories, and interesting characters. Some of these programs even achieved success in the international market. But with time, the Pinoy entertainment industry, as a whole, has been changed. Some say it’s because of the internet. Some say it’s because of globalization. Some say it’s because of the decrease in creativity and the increase in commercialization. But for me, I can’t say for sure why. But what I do know that without a doubt, the change is here. And with the change, I think the Pinoy entertainment industry is not the same

In summary, vivamax is one of the most complete entertainment hubs we have today. The variety of original content, featuring homegrown talents, is truly impressive. With a number of shows on every day of the week, there’s something for everyone. It’s no wonder that vivamax is one of the most watched streaming services in the country.