New Tagalog Movies to Watch on Vivamax or Netflix 2022-2023

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Stream Movies at home

Cinema has experienced a revolution in recent years with the advent of the internet. Gone are the days where people go to the cinema to see a movie with no choice but to watch it in a loud, busy theatre. The internet has given movie enthusiasts the opportunity to stream movies to their own home at a very reasonable cost.

If you own a smartphone, you can watch movies online and anytime, anywhere. The best are those which are high quality and offer engaging plots. According to a report, American streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime) are poised to become the dominant platforms for movies and TV content, with their growing library of original content. This is largely due to the increasing number of people who own the Netflix and Amazon Prime subscriptions.

Locally we have Vivamax and iFlix streaming local content but now Netflix has entered the picture and has started streaming regional content including K-Drama and K-Zombies!

Stream Tagalog Movies

In this article, we’re going to show you how you can stream Tagalog movies on your Roku, xiaomi, or any Android device, and also show you some of the best Tagalog movies that you can watch on it. These movies will surely give you a story to watch, and they are all direct to streaming.

Cinema at home

Cinema has gone through a revolution in recent years. People now get to enjoy watching movies in their homes without having to go to noisy cinemas. Moviegoers can also choose the type of films they want to watch by choosing among different streaming services. As more people subscribe to these services, the popularity of movies grows. Original content is becoming increasingly popular because it offers viewers something new.Locally we have Vivamax and iFlix streaming locally produced content. Now Netflix has entered the picture, and has started streaming regional movies and TV shows.

Start With Tagalog movies on Vivamax and Netflix

Want to start watching movies at home? They are a must-have nowadays, but do you know how to find them? If you don’t, it’s time to start learning. Here are some ways to find the best streaming movies on Vivamax.

Tagalog movies are a lot different from regular movies, since they’re made to appeal to the Filipino audience. The weather and culture of the country also influence the film industry, which also makes it difficult for it to be a commercial success. However, there are some good Tagalog movies that have won awards and gotten a lot of viewers.

New On Vivamax

Top 42 Tagalog Movies to Watch this 2022

 Sisid (2022) - Tagalog Movie

1. Sisid (2022)

115 min | Romance5.5  Rate this

Marine Biologist Jason and his wife Abby goes to Pola, Mindoro where he is tasked to lead the rehabilitation and preservation of a fish sanctuary. There, he meets his diving assistant Dennis and the two hit it off instantly.

Director: Brillante Mendoza | Stars: Irma AdlawanChristine BermasPaolo GumabaoVince Rillon

Hugas (2022) - Tagalog Movie

2. Hugas (2022)

G | 99 min | Drama7.0  Rate this

Ex-gang members and newlyweds Al and Liezl run away with a big bag of cash, but their ex-boss will go to the ends of the earth to find them.

Director: Roman Perez Jr. | Stars: AJ RavalSean De GuzmanJay ManaloCara Gonzales

Siklo (2022) - Tagalog Movie

3. Siklo (2022)

G | 109 min | Drama5.4  Rate this

A pastor’s mistress and a delivery rider get engaged in a steamy affair. When their secrets are revealed, they have to face the consequences.

Director: Roman Perez Jr. | Stars: Vince RillonChristine BermasJoonee GamboaAlma Moreno

Reroute (2022)

4. Reroute (2022)

114 min | Thriller Rate this

A couple found themselves on a sinister refuge after their car malfunctioned while taking a long-distance route to their hometown.

Director: Lawrence Fajardo | Stars: John ArcillaNathalie HartSid LuceroCindy Miranda

Sanggano, sanggago't sanggwapo 2: Aussie! Aussie! (O sige) (2021) - Tagalog Movie

5. Sanggano, sanggago’t sanggwapo 2: Aussie! Aussie! (O sige) (2021)

97 min | Comedy Rate this

The sequel to the misadventures of wacky trio. Their quiet simple lives as resort staff turn problematic when girls check-in at their place.

Director: Al Tantay | Stars: Andrew E.Dennis PadillaJanno GibbsPepe Herrera

In case you haven’t noticed yet, the movie industry is cutting back on how many movies it releases per year. The number of movies we get to see in cinemas has dwindled from the hundreds each year to maybe only a few dozen or so. In the last few years, we’ve seen the #1 and #2 movies of the year go back to back in the same year, with #1 usually being a sequel and #2 being a reboot.

Put your couch on a timer and pretend you’re in the cinema. No more missing the movie previews or waiting in your seat for the actual show. Put the remote in one hand and the popcorn in the other and place your feet up on your ottoman. Now all you have to do is sit and watch movies online, streaming movies at home.

Deception (IV) (2021)

6. Deception (IV) (2021)

Drama Rate this

A woman is released from jail ten years after she killed her husband. When she meets a guy that looks exactly as her husband, she starts to connect the dots linked to the night the murder happened.

Director: Joel Lamangan | Stars: Claudine BarrettoMark Anthony FernandezMiggs CuadernoGerald Santos

Eva (IV) (2021) - Tagalog Movie

7. Eva (IV) (2021)

Not rated | 95 min | Drama6.7  Rate this

When Eva, a young housemaid, gets involved in a steamy threesome with a houseboy and her lady boss, she realizes she has to choose only one of them.

Director: Jeffrey Hidalgo | Stars: Angeli KhangSab AggabaoMarco GomezGermaine De Leon

The Exorsis (2021) - Tagalog Movie

8. The Exorsis (2021)

PG | 113 min | Comedy, Horror4.8  Rate this

The film follows Gina, who must find an exorcist after her younger sister gets possessed by a dead woman’s spirit.

Director: Fifth Solomon | Stars: Toni GonzagaAlex GonzagaMelai CantiverosKat Galang

Yorme: The Isko Domagoso Story (2021) - Pinoy Movie

9. Yorme: The Isko Domagoso Story (2021)

PG Rate this

Director: Joven Tan | Stars: Xian LimMcCoy De LeonRaikko MateoIsko Moreno

Crush kong curly (2021) - Pinoy Movie

10. Crush kong curly (2021)

Not Rated | 101 min | Comedy7.3  Rate this

When a curly camgirl Elle meets an architect, Peter, she believes she’s ready to love again. How long can she keep her secret job to him?

Director: G.B. Sampedro | Stars: AJ RavalWilbert RossGina PareñoMaui Taylor

Palitan (2021) - Pinoy Movie

11. Palitan (2021)

Not Rated | 107 min | Drama7.2  Rate this

When a dare pushes two couples into an orgy, suppressed feelings rekindle between the two ladies, who were once bestfriends and lovers.

Director: Brillante Mendoza | Stars: Cara GonzalesJela CuencaLuis HontiverosRash Flores

Dulo (2021) -Pinoy Movie

12. Dulo (2021)

R-13 | 104 min | Drama5.5  Rate this

A young couple on the verge of separation takes a roadtrip to patch things up. Will this journey save their marriage or will it make them realize that it’s the end for them?

Director: Fifth Solomon | Stars: Diego LoyzagaBarbie ImperialMeg ImperialJean Kiley Manguera

Pornstar 2: Pangalawang putok (2021)

13. Pstar 2: Pangalawang putok (2021)

Not Rated | 95 min | Comedy5.6  Rate this

The queens of bomba movies Alma Moreno, Ara Mina, Maui Taylor and Rosanna Roces are back to search for the next Philippine celebrties featuring new breed of temptresses: Sab Aggabao, Cara Gonzales, Ayana Misola, Stephanie Raz.

Director: Darryl Yap | Stars: Rosanna RocesAlma MorenoAra MinaMaui Taylor

The old ways of watching movies are slowly being disrupted. We can now stream movies directly on our phones and tablets, to the doorsteps of our homes. Gone are the days when we have to wait for the movie to end so we can watch another one. Gone are the days when movie theaters are the only places to watch movies at home. We can now watch movies online, on our TVs, and on our tablets, whenever and wherever we want.

If you don’t have a nice big TV in your home to watch movies, you may have considered the convenience of streaming your favorite flicks to your own computer or tablet. If so, you may have discovered that there’s a high cost of entry: you’ll need an expensive Internet connection. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Because today, there are hundreds of online streaming services that offer a wide selection of the latest films and series, for a fraction of the cost of purchasing them.

14. More Than Blue (2021)

14. More Than Blue (2021)

PG | 113 min | Drama Rate this

K and Cream believe they’re soulmates. When K finds out that he’s dying, he thinks setting her free would be best for her.

Director: Nuel C. Naval | Stars: JC SantosYassi PressmanDiego LoyzagaMarion Aunor

15. My Husband, My Lover (2021)

15. My Husband, My Lover (2021)

Not Rated | 109 min | Drama6.7  Rate this

Ex-couple Noel and Alice learn to rekindle the flame of their love while both committed to their new lovers: Dennis and Loida.

Director: Mac Alejandre | Stars: Kylie VerzosaCindy MirandaMarco GumabaoAdrian Alandy

16. Mahjong Nights (2021)

16. Mahjong Nights (2021)

Not Rated | 111 min | Drama8.3  Rate this

Alexa witnesses a simple mahjong night turned bloody when all the player’s dark secrets are discovered – including Alexa’s illicit affair with her stepfather.

Director: Lawrence Fajardo | Stars: Angeli KhangSean De GuzmanMickey FerriolsJay Manalo

17. A Hard Day (2021)

17. A Hard Day (2021)

R-13 | 111 min | Action, Thriller7.4  Rate this

Director: Lawrence Fajardo | Stars: Dingdong DantesArchi AdamosJohn ArcillaPio Balbuena

18. Taya (2021) - Tagalog Movie

18. Taya (2021)

Not Rated | 103 min | Drama7.9  Rate this

Sixto explores the dangerous world of online ending for his thesis and gets involved with Winona, Nieves and Nanette.

Director: Roman Perez Jr. | Stars: Sean De GuzmanAJ RavalJela CuencaAngeli Khang
19. The Housemaid (2021)

19. The Housemaid (2021)

114 min | Thriller7.1  Rate this

Daisy’s task as a new maid to a wealthy family is to watch over a young kid, but unknowingly she’s being watched by the kid’s father. When temptation kicks in Daisy and the wealthy family’s lives start to shatter in pieces.

Director: Roman Perez Jr. | Stars: Kylie VerzosaAlbert MartinezJaclyn JoseLouise de los Reyes

20. Paraluman (2021) - Tagalog Movie

20. Paraluman (2021)

PG | 91 min | Drama7.4  Rate this

A young woman, who just arrived in a barrio, falls in love with a married man. When people around them start to meddle, their forbidden romance is put to test.

Director: Yam Laranas | Stars: Rhen EscanoJao MapaGwen GarciMelvin Lee

21. Barumbadings (2021) - Pinoy Comedy

21. Barumbadings (2021)

75 min | Action, Comedy Rate this

Three gay gangsters mourn the death of their gay guardian, but end up celebrating his bright and colorful life.

Director: Darryl Yap | Stars: Joel TorreJeric RavalMark Anthony FernandezBaron Geisler

22. Sa haba ng gabi (2021)

22. Sa haba ng gabi (2021)

81 min | Comedy Rate this

When a zombie outbreak happens, two housemaids and a driver will need to survive their longest night ever as they get trapped inside the mansion.

Director: Miko Livelo | Stars: Kim MolinaCandy PangilinanJerald NapolesJohnny Revilla

23. House Tour (2021)

23. House Tour (2021)

95 min | Drama4.9  Rate this

Five robbers break into an actress’ house but a bloody encounter with the husband leaves two robbers alive. Having no choice, they hide inside the house and discover that everything was planned.

Director: Roman Perez Jr. | Stars: Cindy MirandaMark Anthony FernandezDiego LoyzagaSunshine Guimary

24. Sarap mong patayin (2021)

24. Sarap mong patayin (2021)

73 min | Comedy5.4  Rate this

A gay guy connives with a woman to lure men, but when they picked the wrong guy, things turn deadly.

Director: Darryl Yap | Stars: Kit ThompsonAriella AridaLassyMarion Aunor

25. Shoot shoot! Di ko siya titigilan! (2021) - Pinoy Movies

25. Shoot shoot! Di ko siya titigilan! (2021)

99 min | Comedy6.6  Rate this

When an aspiring actor practices his role as a billionaire out loud, gossip about him being rich spreads like wildfire. Now, the girls and the goons are after him.

Director: Al Tantay | Stars: Andrew E.AJ RavalSunshine GuimaryJuliana Parizcova Segovia

26. Ang manananggal na nahahati ang puso (2021)

26. Ang manananggal na nahahati ang puso (2021)

98 min | Comedy4.1  Rate this

A barrio lass agrees to be the subject of a man’s research about aswangs. He falls for her but hides his feelings knowing that she’s an aswang.

Director: Darryl Yap | Stars: Aubrey CaraanMarco GalloTeresa LoyzagaGina Pareño

27. 69+1 (2021) - Funny Movie

27. 69+1 (2021)

87 min | Comedy4.4  Rate this

A lesbian couple seeks the help of their male friend to be involved in their relationship to somehow cure their seven-year itch.

Director: Darryl Yap | Stars: Janno GibbsMaui TaylorRose Van GinkelDexter Doria

28. Bekis on the Run (2021) - Pinoy Comedy

28. Bekis on the Run (2021)

92 min | Comedy5.4  Rate this

A hoodlum and his gay brother rob a construction firm to fund their guardian’s medication.

Director: Joel Lamangan | Stars: Diego LoyzagaChristian BablesKylie VerzosaSean De Guzman

29. Gandemic (2021) -Vice Ganda Movie

29. Gandemic (2021)

199 min | Music Rate this

The one and only undisputed, unkabogable phenomenal superstar VICE GANDA is ready to spread some good vibes in the first-ever Digital Comedy Concert in the Philippines, GANDEMIC: VICE GANDA… 

Director: Paul Alexei Basinillo | Stars: Anne CurtisVice GandaChad KinisLassy

30. Revirginized (2021)

30. Revirginized (2021)

97 min | Comedy5.2  Rate this

Carmela, a mother, gets to enjoy life again in a wild beach party. With young people and a hunk tattoo artist, she drowns herself in alcohol to forget her current self and renew her old self.

Director: Darryl Yap | Stars: Sharon CunetaMarco GumabaoAlbert MartinezKylie Verzosa

Streaming movies at home has become more popular in the last few years, thanks to services like Netflix and Hulu for international content and Vivamax and iFlix for local content. These streaming services have a wide range of movies that you can watch for free, and for a nominal monthly fee you can purchase movies, TV shows and documentaries when you want to.

31. Gluta (2021) - Drama Movie

31. Gluta (2021)

86 min | Drama4.4  Rate this

An Aeta dreams of winning the Miss University pageant but faces discrimination from people – including her own uncle who does not believe that people like them are beautiful.

Director: Darryl Yap | Stars: Ella CruzMarco GalloRose Van GinkelJuliana Parizcova Segovia

 Kagat ng dilim (2020– )
Episode: Kakambal (2021)

32. Kagat ng dilim (2020– )
Episode: Kakambal (2021)

38 min | Horror Rate this

Enteng’s workmates and family members notice something weird with him. He sometimes appears as a cool guy, sometimes he’s not. As events unravel, he discovers a doppelganger appearing as him and wanting to replace him permanently.

Director: Topel Lee | Stars: Matteo GuidicelliMaricel MoralesLander Vera-PerezBilly Villeta

 Kagat ng dilim (2020– )
Episode: Pagpag (2021)

33. Kagat ng dilim (2020– )
Episode: Pagpag (2021)

40 min | Horror Rate this

Andrew’s first shift at the convenience store can be his last night alive as visitors from a nearby funeral home go there to “Pagpag” or drive away spirits. Unknown to him, those restless .

Director: Paul Alexei Basinillo | Stars: Jerald NapolesMarco GalloJuami GutierrezCarlon Matobato

Kagat ng dilim (2020– )
Episode: Manika (2021)

34. Kagat ng dilim (2020– )
Episode: Manika (2021)

41 min | Horror Rate this

Chloe and Marcus lost their daughter, Daphne, in an accident. To move on, Chloe resolves to art; while Marcus treats their daughter’s favorite doll as Daphne. At first, Chloe believes her

Director: Topel Lee | Stars: Baron GeislerMaui TaylorDwight GastonC.J. Jaravata

Kagat ng dilim (2020– )
Episode: Ukay-ukay (2021)

35. Kagat ng dilim (2020– )
Episode: Ukay-ukay (2021)

39 min | Horror Rate this

Joan buys a white dress in an ukay-ukay. She then experiences sleep paralysis that gets creepier every night. She discovers that the dress belonged to a woman who died miserably.

Director: Paul Alexei Basinillo | Stars: Phoebe WalkerYayo AguilaRose Van GinkelJean Kiley Manguera

Kagat ng dilim (2020– )
Episode: Pugot (2021)

36. Kagat ng dilim (2020– )
Episode: Pugot (2021)

42 min | Horror Rate this

George brings her girlfriend to their private island to propose. He takes a photo of her girlfriend but to his surprise, she’s headless. Shrugging off superstitious beliefs, they find themselves haunted by a headless spirit.

Director: Paul Alexei Basinillo | Stars: Diego LoyzagaNicole OmilloAndrea BabierraMarnie Lapus

Kagat ng dilim (2020– )
Episode: Sabel (2021)

37. Kagat ng dilim (2020– )
Episode: Sabel (2021)

42 min | Horror Rate this

Sabel has been missing for decades. Some believe that she is used as a “padugo”, a blood offering to strengthen infrastructures. When a bridge is destroyed one stormy night, Sabel, who has not aged a day, mysteriously returns home.

Director: Topel Lee | Stars: Louise de los ReyesAndrea Del RosarioRafael Siguion-ReynaJong Cuenco

Kagat ng dilim (2020– )
Episode: Salakay (2021)

38. Kagat ng dilim (2020– )
Episode: Salakay (2021)

41 min | Horror Rate this

When Gaspar, a crippled man, returns to their ancestral house, he is haunted, not just by his dark past, but also by a troop of nature spirits called Umalagad.

Director: Rae Red | Stars: Gardo VersozaAlex Vincent MedinaSuzette RanilloJohn Philip Koch

Kagat ng dilim (2020– )
Episode: Taglugar (2021)

39. Kagat ng dilim (2020– )
Episode: Taglugar (2021)

40 min | Horror Rate this

Clarissa, the newly-hired maid, is under the watch of Dolor, the senior maid, for she acts suspiciously. Unknown to everyone in the house, Clarissa is being bothered by a Taglugar, a malevolent creature from her hometown in Visayas.

Director: Richard Somes | Stars: Cindy MirandaAlma MorenoManu RespallJastine Lim

Kagat ng dilim (2020– )
Episode: Toktok (2021)

40. Kagat ng dilim (2020– )
Episode: Toktok (2021)

42 min | Horror Rate this

When Otep and his dance crew create a dance video in a forest, they unknowingly disturb an enchanted spirit called Mangangatok. Now the furious spirit comes after them and takes their lives for retribution.

Director: Lawrence Fajardo | Stars: McCoy De LeonJulian TronoCarlyn OcampoAubrey Caraan

41. The Other Wife (2021) - PinoyMovie

41. The Other Wife (2021)

91 min | Drama7.7  Rate this

A wife believes her husband is having an affair. When a mysterious lady comes into the picture, she discovers something that will make her question her sanity.

Director: Prime Cruz | Stars: Lovi PoeJoem BasconRhen Escano

42. Nerisa (2021) - Pinoy Drama

42. Nerisa (2021)

R-18 | 106 min | Drama7.1  Rate this

Misfortune starts to happen on an island when a beautiful maiden is washed ashore. She falls in love with a local fisherman, who eventually disappears after a sea accident. She commits to everything, even her body, in order to find him

Director: Lawrence Fajardo | Stars: Cindy MirandaAJ RavalShereeAljur Abrenica

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Movies are a great way to relax after a long day at work or school. They also provide entertainment and inspiration. But why watch movies online instead of going out to the cinema?

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