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Filipino words every Tourist should know Part I

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Perhaps you came to the Philippines to meet your loved ones here or you’re a tourist among many others. But before you leave home, you should know the common Filipino words that everyone should know. Even if the Philippines is the third biggest economy in the world, we still love sharing our culture and food with other countries.
You may have heard about Filipino words that are hard for foreigners to understand. Here is a list of words that you might have heard about or may want to learn, but you probably don’t know how to pronounce:

Listen and learn how to pronounce basic filipino words.

The Philippines has a lot to offer tourists, such as beautiful beaches and dive sites, unique culture, and delicious food. Although most people know these facts, they still tend to neglect it and just stick to their own home country. No one wants to lose a chance to explore the Philippines, and not know some of its interesting and beautiful words.

So, if you’re planning to visit the Philippines, learn and use some of these words and phrases to show your appreciation and kindness to the locals. You’ll surely be a hit!

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