GOMO Promo Update: How To Get Started And Enjoy No-Expiry Data

Who is GOMO?

If you’re up for some affordable rates without compromising your data features, GOMO may have the best promos for you. GOMO is gaining popularity to many subscribers and users due to the quality and affordability of its services. 

GOMO is a mobile service provider operated by Globe Telecom Inc. It currently runs on the Globe Network but the GOMO sim needs to be purchased separately.

So which promo is right for your budget? What are your options, and which one works best for your device, needs, and usage? Here’s your complete guide.

GOMO: The Game Changer for Data Services

GOMO was launched on October 20, 2020, and more Filipinos are going for it. If you are one of the many who constantly complain about their ineffective data coverage, usage, and consumption, this one is right for you. But first, let’s have a quick look at what you need to know and expect; besides, from the brains of this new era, you need to listen to the growing community of users too. 

GOMO subscribers testify of its cost-effectiveness and efficacy. As it offers NO-EXPIRY features on its data promos, who wouldn’t want that? That means saving tens to hundreds of pesos a month. 

So why switch to GOMO promos? Here’s a quick background.

It’s the very first among its kind to offer digital telco solutions in the country, which sets the new trend among its competitors. Glove Telecoms operates the GOMO network. Partnering with one of the biggest telco providers in the Philippines and around the globe, you can enjoy 4G LTE access to most locations and cities in the country. 

GOMO features worth noting:

  • No-Expiry Data Policy
  • Mo Ctreds converts all your remaining “unused” data to SMS and calls. 
    • i.e., 200MB can be converted to 3 minute-call or 30 SMS

That means you only pay for your consumption. Plus, there are more promos to check!

Who Benefits From This Promo?

Whether you are a heavy data user or a lighter one, GOMO has the best options for you. For instance, their Php 199 of 20GB no-expiry data can be stretched to about six months of use! That’s like using 100MB a day which helps you save more money than other network promos. That’s what everyone is talking about—savings!

As for heavy data users or as needed by your current situation and wired connection haven’t reached your area or always giving you a hard time to get connected, GOMO can be your life-saving ally. Whether you love binge-watching on Netflix or playing mobile games, they have something to meet everyone’s needs. Surfing unlimited is the key or limiting your consumption to 5mbps speed, which can already be a decent connection compared to none, right?

To get the most of what GOMO has to offer, you may need first to activate your SIM and enjoy their promotions. If you don’t have a SIM card yet, you can visit their website and purchase yours. They have an iOS and Android application to download or order your SIM on any GOMO official stores at Shopee and Lazada

SIM may cost you PHP 299, but the features indeed are worth the try. Offers still stand, and you can get a discounted SIM for Php 199 with free shipping options. Imagine that’s already an oozing Php 100! Payment options for purchasing SIM cards include GCash, credit/debit card, American Express, MasterCard, and Visa. You can also get your sim at the GCash app under the GLife section. 

GOMO Promos

Once your SIM is activated, there are promos ready to avail, which include;

  • GOMO Php 499 – 25GB – No-Expiry data with 500 SMS to all networks, 100 mins of call to all network 
  • GOMO Php 299 – 25GB No-Expiry data
  • GOMO Php 299 – 30GB No-Expiry
  • GOMO PHP 499 – 50GB No-expiry data Gcash exclusive
  • PHP 499 – 5mbps Unlimited data for 30 days

While there are only limited promos offered as it’s still a new telco provider, you can rest assured that they will soon add more features and promos moving forward. 

How To Subscribe On Desired GOMO Promo

All GOMO promos are only accessible to GOMO mobile applications, and no keywords or codes to send on SMS or dial. You will need first to create your account. If you already have a promo in mind, here’s how you can activate it:

1. Open your GOMO app and sign in/log in to an account

2. Click “SHOP” icon

3. Select the “LOCAL PROMOS” inside the shop

4. Select your preferred promo (For example: 

5. Choose a payment method like GCash and Tap the “PROCEED PAYMENT DETAILS.”

6. Then enter your complete payment details

7. Once payment push through, SMS notification of the successful transaction

8. Now, you can enjoy the GOMO no-expiry data features

Convert Unused GOMO Data to SMS and Calls

Here are some of your conversion options:

0.5GB – 50 SMS & 5 mins all network calls

0.4GB – 6 mins all network calls

0.2GB – SMS all network

1. Open GOMO app

2. log in to account

3. Click “MO CREDS” icon

4. Select your desired conversion promo


6. That’s it, you have successfully converted data to call minutes or SMS

Note: All calls and SMS features have no-expiry features, so you can convert as much data as you want.

Final Thoughts on GOMO

If you’re sick and tired of buffering and always running out of data whenever you need it the most, GOMO may be your saving grace. Check out the promos today! 

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