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5 Innate Characters of a Marites: And Practical Ways to Avoid Being One of Them

5 Intimate Characteristics of Marriages: And Practical Ways to Avoid Being One
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There is nothing more exciting than being a Marites.

Apparently, Filipinos have been the bounds of this phrase animated to life when Facebook becomes a gossip avenue to every famous personality’s latest tea.

Marites meaning in the Philippines

Marites has become the national nickname for every Filipino netizen who is enthusiastically digging up and keeping track of every new issue, rumor, and bizarre thing they come across on social media.

Are you the type of person who enjoys the taste of freshly baked cinnamon buns with a cup of the hottest tea you just read about on your phone in the morning? You might as well be a Marites then. Interested in learning more about their characteristics? Allow me to share with you 5 obvious traits of a Marites, as well as practical strategies to prevent becoming one of them.

Are you a Marites waiting to happen?

Here is a litmus test to check..

You get ecstatic when you first hear or read a latest rumor.  

  • What did you do when you first saw Aljur Abrenica’s opening line of his Facebook post? Non-marites people would undoubtedly continue to focus on their personal lives. While a Marites would obviously expand their eyes upon reading the first line, they would also put down their freshly prepared robusta beans coffee and read the entire piece as if they were reading a case study with complete concentration. Without even mentioning the exhilaration they have as they begin to share the post and search for Kylie Padilla’s response on Instagram.

Once you know some rumors, even if it’s not yet confirmed, you turn into a full detective.

  • Any conversation or internet evidence is joyfully infiltrated by marites in order to obtain additional information. It doesn’t matter if they are familiar with the individuals involved; as long as they can get their hands on some hot issues, they will devote their time to them. Do you remember the breakup between LJ Reyes and Paolo Contis? A significant number of Marites became investigators, messengers, and even sources for evidence of third parties slandering Yen Santos’ reputation. Contrary to expectations, these Marites exercised caution by ensuring that they understood both sides of the story. They interestingly don’t judge, yet.

You feel like you have to know all of the rumors.

Have you heard about the controversy between Bea Alonzo and Pia Wurtzbach back then? Normal people would answer, “what’s that about?” But a marites would certainly answer “Of course, that’s long overdue” or any sentence similar to that. However, it doesn’t end there, they will absolutely describe the complete narrative as if they are writing a feature story on a magazine only to prove to you that they know that ahead of you.

Your friends are also Marites.

Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are. This may be an old adage, but it is one that will never be out of date. A marites will almost certainly have a group of friends who share the same characteristics. When it comes to going out and bonding with one another, these Marites don’t mind dressing up; they have a propensity of talking about and making fun of other people’s business.

You don’t fix your eyes on yourself.

Imagine yourself on a beach, of course you’ll be wearing a bikini or any beach attire because you were supposed to go to the beach, have fun and take a breather. But because you’re a marites, instead of just sitting by the beach while reading a good book you seem to glance at every person that passes by you, from head to toe. Since a marites is exceptional, they don’t simply watch the person from head to toe, but actually make some minor comments about their wardrobe, their body, and even their gestures. Unfortunately, most of the comments are terrible.

With the Marites now fully comprehended, let’s move on to the tactics for avoiding becoming one of their number.

How to avoid being a Marites

  1. Always remember the Golden Rule. Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you. Who would want to be talked about critically right now? So if you ever feel like you’re going to become interested in other people’s troubles, ask yourself, “What good will it bring me”? “If something happened to me, would I be delighted to be the topic of the issue”?
  2. Focus on Self-Improvement. Practice self-love, no matter how cliche it may sound. After all, if you are not insecure, you would not go around disparaging and discussing other people’s business. Consider this: instead of being curious about the current rumors, you should be curious about what you can do to better yourself for the next 5 years of your exciting life. Instead of making derogatory comments about your neighbor’s outfit of the day, why not work on improving your own lifestyle and fashion sense? – And last, rather than investing so much of your time to determine the truth of a situation, why not use your time on educating yourself so that you can be a more effective citizen?
  3. Practice Social Media Detox regularly. Despite the fact that social media is where the majority of important societal information can be accessed these days, it is recommended that we stay away from social media even for a day. Detachment from social media reduces our chances of becoming a member of the Marites, which we avoid to happen.
  4. Choose your circle wisely. Since we are going through difficult times, and the pandemic has impacted so much of our emotional and mental stability, we shouldn’t allow others with negative energies to walk into the room. Make friends with those who are interested in how to become a better citizen, a productive child, and a successful person, rather than with those who are always up to date on the newest gossip.

The internet has made the Marites life so much easier than before, but it should come to an end. Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg for the purpose of connecting people, providing entertainment, and disseminating information. However, because so many of the advantages that social media provides have been abused, we are no longer able to connect in a positive way. Our connections become negative which were formed through the dissemination of false information for the sole purpose of being entertained.

Indeed, there is nothing more exciting than being a Marites; not until you become the topic.

So are you a Marites? please.. mag bagong buhay ka na!