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Guide: How to Increase Your Axie MMR?

Axie Infinity – is becoming a trend in the market. Lots of people, especially the Filipinos hoped for the game to help them financially. Although the game is easy there are still certain objectives that must be met to earn more and the most important objective is to increase your Axie MMR to earn more SLP. 

What is MMR?

MMR is also known as matchmaking rating which is assigned to each player to assess their skills and so that they can be matched with an opponent similar to their skills. If you have an MMR of 1500, you are also matched with players having the same MMR. The more your MMR increases, the more difficult your opponent gets which is why most players find it difficult to increase their MMR. 

So how can you increase your Axie MMR? 

First, familiarize your Axie, its body parts and its kind.  

If your Axie is given by your manager, you do not have any choice left but to study your Axie.  Always bear in mind that there are Axie combinations that are not capable of increasing your MMR. These Axie sets are mostly the cheapest Axies you can get in the market. So it is important to invest in your Axie as well. 

When you familiarize your Axie, start from its body parts and its kind. An Axie has six body parts: eyes, ears, horn, mouth, back and tail that is helpful for you to identify what kind of Axie you have. The purebred Axies are called Aquatic, Beast, Bird, Bug, Plant and Reptile. The secret classes or also known as the offspring of purebred Axies are called Mech, Dawn and Dusk. The body parts of Axie carry different stats according to their kinds. 

Below are strengths and weaknesses of each kind. 

AquaticMech, Beast, BugDusk, Plant, Reptile
BeastDusk, Plant, ReptileDawn, Bird, Aqua
BirdMech, Beast, BugDusk, Reptile, Plant
PlantDawn, Bird, AquaMech, Beast, Bug
BugDusk, Plant, ReptileDawn, Bird, Aqua
ReptileDawn, Bird, AquaMech, Beast, Bug
MechDusk, Plant, ReptileDawn, Bird, Aqua
DawnMech, Aqua, BeastMech, Plant, Bug
DuskDawn, Bird, AquaDusk, Plant, Reptile

Then, know your way in the Arena by these five attributes. 

There are the five attributes in the game that you must familiarize and some of the basic tricks most users use to win the game. We have health, morale, skill, speed and energy. 


Health is similar to life. It is the amount of harm the Axie can take before the Axie is defeated. Each attack from the opponent reduces the Axie’s health until it dies. It is possible to reduce the damage of the opponent when you have cards which increase the shield. It is also possible to bypass the shield and attack the health directly according to your card. 


Morale is the indicator that increases your chance to have a critical strike. It helps you defeat your opponent when you enter the last stand mode. Read the cards carefully because some cards if combined with another increases critical strike. 


Skill is a damage indicator to assess how much damage your opponent will take from your attacks. Estimate your skills based on the opponents’ health to avoid wasting energy. 


Speed indicates the turn order. If your Axie is faster than the opponent, then your Axie will strike first. If you Axie have the slowest speed then expect to have the last strike. Always check the speed before you end your turn to identify who will attack first. 


Energy is the indicator of how much card you can use during your turn. Energy is added every turn or if you have a card that absorbs energy. When you use 4 cards, 4 energy will be deducted as well. Most users pass the first round to gain more energy for the second round in which they can use some of their critical card combinations. 

Lastly, practice your Axie in the arena when you don’t have energy.

A lot of users complain whenever they are out of energy. Yes, energy is limited but that does not mean you can no longer enhance your skills in the game. You can still play arena even if you have zero energy but you will no longer receive SLP. Instead, you can increase your MMR. 

When you win the game, you will receive an MMR point. If you lose, your MMR will be deducted as well. So it is for a fact that MMR can sometimes increase rapidly if you have a winning streak, and it can also decrease intensively if you have a losing streak. Don’t give up or lose hope when your MMR reaches 800 or below. That is just normal and it is part of the game. Just keep playing in the arena because you will eventually find a way to increase your MMR.

When you play in the arena, observe the opponent’s movements and tactics. You can write down in a piece of paper how they defeated you, how their cards affect you, how they use combination cards and how they utilize their energy. The best way to win the game is observation and analysis. You can use a calculator to compute the energy, skills and damage you can use towards your opponents but be wary of the time

When you feel you can win the game that is where you can go all out on the arena using your 10 energy because you will receive SLP if you win. The remaining 10 must be used in the adventure mode because it can help you increase EXP level which is also helpful in defeating higher level adventures. If you are not yet comfortable in winning the arena then don’t waste your energy. Some of the managers allow their scholars to play for adventure in the next 7 days to familiarize the game play. So there is no need for you to rush unless it is required by your manager. 

Always seek others’ expertise and ask questions. 

There are varieties of Axie YouTubers out there that can help you win your game. You can watch them play and observe their game play according to the set of Axies you have. You can also ask help from your managers or guild mates. Don’t hesitate to ask questions especially if you are still a beginner. You can follow legit Axie Facebook pages to stay updated and don’t forget to share what you’ve learned to your guild mates as well.

Always remember that Axie is designed to help people financially but that does not mean you have to rely on Axie alone. The algorithm of Axie is not constant. And there are lots of players who lose their jobs because they chose to prioritize playing Axie, which is a big NO. You must still secure yourself with a stable job and then you can play Axie part time. 

MMR Rewards Per Ranking (Updated)

The amount of SLP you get from winning depends on your MMR rank. Higher ranks give more rewards.

Axie Scholarship

The information you submitted will be posted as soon the scholarship application board is finished. Axie’s Crypto Game operates by letting players earn, breed, and fight axies. The game also allows them to complete daily quests and farm resources. The game lets users interact with each other in an Axie Infinity ecosystem. Players can use the currency they earned through the game to buy items from the store. The game uses blockchain technology to ensure transparency and security.

How to increase your Axie MMR?

If you want to increase your MMR, here are some tips. First, play games. Play games everyday. Don’t skip any days. You need to play every day so that you have enough time to level up. Second, don’t forget to log in every day. Logging in every day helps you

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The Economy Of Axie Infinity

A lot of people play Axie Infinity because of the in-game economy. There are lots of ways to earn SLPs and shards, including winning events and completing quests. Players can spend these items to buy new weapons, armor, etc.

The Difference Behind SLP And AXS

SLP stands for Smooth Love Potion, Main in-game currency earned from arena mode battles, AXS stands for Axie Infinity Shards, Holders of these tokens can create proposals on anything related Axie Infinity’s platform, and it is a governance token, most similar to holding shares of a corporation.

How To Get Free SLP In Axie Infinity

There are two main methods to obtain free SLP. The first method is to win events. Some events require you to purchase tickets. If you win, you’ll receive a prize package that includes SLP and AXS. The second method is to join a clan. Clans are groups of players who work together to achieve common goals. They usually hold weekly tournaments where members compete against each other to see who wins.

What Is The Best Way To Earn SLP?

You can earn SLP from playing arena matches. Each match gives you 1 point per minute played. You can also earn SLP from completing quests. These quests include killing monsters, defeating bosses, and collecting items.

Why Should You Use SLP?

You can use SLP to unlock new features in the game. For example, you can unlock new skins and emotes by buying SLP. You can also use SLP to buy special items such as the Axie Boosts.

How Can I Buy SLP?

You cannot directly buy SLP. However, there are several ways to get SLP. You can either win the prizes offered during events or join a clan. Another way is to use real money to pay for tickets. After paying, you’ll receive SLP and AXS as rewards.

Is It Possible To Sell My SLP?

Yes, it is possible to sell your SLP. But if you decide to do this, make sure you’re not selling your SLP to someone else. This could result in losing access to certain features.

How to enjoy axie infinity and earn

Axie Infinity is a new game where players collect and train their own creatures called Axies. The goal is to build a powerful team of Axies to battle against other teams.

Axie Infinity is the latest mobile game from developer Gameloft. Players take control of a group of Axies and fight against other groups to become the strongest team.

You can invest on Axie but the money you are going to invest must be the money that you are willing to lose. 

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