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What is April Fools Day? How did it start?

What is April Fools’ Day?

April Fools Day is a holiday celebrated on April 1st. The origins of the holiday are unknown, though many believe it was invented by French playwright and satirist Pierre Corneille in 1660.

In the United States and other parts of the world, the tradition of pranking people on April Fools’ Day began in 1856. People take to social media and post absurd news and some actually believe them and only find out end of day or next day that it was all a prank!

Today, most people celebrate the holiday by playing practical jokes on each other. Some people take advantage of the holiday to trick others into believing something is true, such as a celebrity’s death or a company’s bankruptcy.

Other people use the holiday to prank others by pretending to do things that aren’t actually possible. For example, people may pretend to eat food that isn’t edible, or claim to have won a prize that doesn’t exist.

Some people use the holiday to celebrate the fact that nothing really happens on April Fools’ day. Others use the holiday to express their frustration over the state of the world.

The holiday is often used to mock politicians and corporations. People may write fake news stories about celebrities or companies, or create hoaxes that are meant to fool readers.

People may also use the holiday to show off their creativity. They may create elaborate costumes, stage elaborate skits, or draw pictures that they think are funny.

Many people enjoy celebrating the holiday by eating foods that are traditionally associated with the holiday. These foods include pies, donuts, candy, and chocolate.

While there are no official rules regarding what one must do on April Fools’Day, most people agree that it should be done in good humor.

How Did It Begin?:

According to legend, the holiday originated in France in the 17th century. In 1660, French playwright and satirists Pierre Corneille wrote a play called Le Cid. This play included a character named Père Guillotin who advocated the execution of criminals using an axe.

Guillotin became so popular among the public that he eventually became a real person. He was appointed to the position of Parisian executioner in 1784.

On April 1, 1789, Guillotin performed his first execution. During this performance, he accidentally decapitated a man instead of a woman. This mistake caused him to become known as the father of modern medicine.

After this incident, people started calling April 1st “Père Guillotin”s Day. Eventually, the name evolved into April Fools’ Day.

Why Do We Celebrate:

There are several reasons why we celebrate April Fools’ Day, including:

• To show off our creativity.

• To express ourselves.

• To show off how smart we are.

• To show how much fun we can be.

• To let off steam.

• To make fun of politicians and corporations.

• To poke fun at the media.

• To show our appreciation for those who try to trick us.

• To show appreciation for those who try hard to trick us.

Who Started It?:

The history of April Fools’ Day is unclear. However, some historians believe that the holiday has been around since ancient times.

For instance, Roman historian Plutarch said that the Romans would tell tall tales during the winter months. Other historians believe that the holiday dates back to medieval times.

During the Middle Ages, people believed that witches could fly on broomsticks. On April 1, 1582, Pope Gregory XIII issued a papal bull declaring that witches were indeed flying on brooms.

This declaration made the holiday famous. Due to the history of the April Fools’ Day, it will make you wonder if all these are all real. Some stories get lost in translation over time and ends up as a tale.

When Was It First Celebrated?:

The first recorded celebration of April Fools’Day occurred in England in 1659.

Today, April Fools’ Day is celebrated worldwide.

We do it because we love to laugh. We enjoy seeing people fooled. And we like to see people try to trick us. It is a Tradition that is here to stay so you better watch out or get pranked bad! 

Happy April Fools’ Day!

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