Who is Guinness World Records? Authority on Record Breaking Achievements

Since its inception in 1955, Guinness World Records has been committed to documenting world records and making them accessible to all. They are the largest publisher of official world records, with more than 1 million certified records in print and digital formats.

We are passionate about breaking new ground and celebrating our unique place in history.

Guinness World Records is the authority on record breaking achievements.

Their books list the most ridiculous feats ever accomplished.

Here are the top 10 most absurd records:

10. The Most People Who Can Sit On A Swimming Pool Float At Once

In 2014, a group of people sat on a floating swimming pool for 24 hours. They were part of a team called “Swim the Ocean Blue”.

9. The Most People Who Could Fit Inside An Airplane Seat

In 2013, a group of people squeezed into an airplane seat. They were part of an event called “Flight of the Conjoined Twins”.

8. The Most People Who Walked Across America

In 2012, a group of people walked across America. They were part of the “Walk Across America” project.

7. The Most People Who Took Part in One Marathon

In 2011, a group of people ran one marathon. They were part of “Runners United”.

6. The Most People Who Participated in One Triathlon

In 2010, a group of people participated in one triathlon. They were part of Runners United.

5. The Most People Who Played Football in One Game

In 2009, a group of people played football in one game. They were part of Athletes United.

4. The Most People Who Were Pregnant Women In One Day

In 2008, a group of pregnant women gave birth in one day. They were part of Pregnancy Olympics.

3. The Most People Who Watched Television News Coverage Of Themselves

In 2007, a group of people watched television news coverage of themselves. They were part of Selfie Olympics.

2. The Most People Who Wrapped Around The Globe With Tape

In 2006, a group of people wrapped around the globe with tape. They were part of The Amazing Race.

1. The Most People Who Did Something Ridiculous

In 2005, a group of people did something really stupid. They were part of Human Tetris.

Guinness and the Philippine Records!

Recently a Facebook pages (seen below) posted a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD LONGEST MOTORCADE by the Uniteam. This apparently isnt a record breaking achievement and has been refuted.

Guinness World Records this week refuted a claim of World’s Longest Caravan

Here is how Guinness responds to disinformation:

Read more on how to spot fake news!

How to Spot Fake News & Report It!

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