SulitPets: Beagles

One of the world’s most popular pets, Beagles are those handsome, colorful, energetic and rather noisy medium-sized dogs that originated from the United Kingdom.  Much like many other breeds, Beagles were trained as hunters because they are hounds – the nose knows as they say and Beagles live their lives based on the scents that they catch.

The name “Beagle” is thought to have originated from a French word meaning “loud mouth” as this breed has the propensity to bay when an interesting scent catches its nose.  This breed has existed for centuries having historical basis as far back as the 1400’s.  Most Beagle pets seen today have originated from the imported line from the USA.

Beagles make wonderful pets but you MUST take care of them well, devote time for exercise, give them the necessary attention and make them feel loved.  In return they are some of the most loyal, cuddly and interesting breeds who are great with children, adaptable to most homes and will spend their lifetimes loving their owners.  Once they catch a scent that interests them, they may spend hours searching for the source therefore proper fencing of homes is a must.  If neglected, they tend to burn off energy by being destructive thus it is necessary to exercise and keep them preoccupied.

As hounds, Beagles are also a favorite of dog trainers for use as sniffers in airports & high-security areas.  They can not only out-smell most trained-dog breeds but they are also less intimidating to people because of their cute appearance (as opposed to German Shepherds or a Doberman that can totally intimidate).  However, Beagles do not make good guard dogs simply because they get along with everyone – humans & animals alike.  Animal-nappers usually have a field day getting Beagles to come with them because they are extremely friendly and affectionate.

Lastly, some data regarding this breed:

Life expectancy12 – 15 years

TemperamentAmiable, Intelligent, Excitable, Determined, Even Tempered, Gentle

ColorsLemon & White, Tri-color, White & Tan, Chocolate Tri, White & Chocolate, Red & White, Orange & White

HeightMale: 36–41 cm, Female: 33–38 cm

WeightMale: 10–11 kg, Female: 9–10 kg