Netflix Suggestions: 10 Best Romantic Movies to Watch in the Philippines

During the pandemic, a lot of us relied on social media platforms to feel connected with our loved ones but some of us used social media to find a loved one. Did you find one? 

While others are scheduling dates and posting anniversary gifts, you are there, in the corner of your room, wishing you will experience the same thing. It might be frustrating not being able to find the love of your life but don’t worry, we got your back! Instead of sulking in your bed, check these 15 best romantic movies you can watch on Netflix. These movies are worth watching again and again so pop some soda and feel the romance while eating popcorn at home. You can start watching these in no particular order, but I might spoil some part, but this is to further your excitement! Relax and have fun watching these. 

1. The How’s of Us

Yun ba yung pagmamahal mo? How could you give up easily? 

How did you not find a reason to stay?”

This is a story about a young couple, George and Primo who dreamt of growing old together. They supported each other not until they started to question each other’s career choices. One carried the burden while the other one became the burden. They still fought for each other not until one of them gave up. A few years later, they decided to sell their old house and they stayed together to find a buyer. Will they be able to patch things up? Why did Primo give up? Will George regret her decision? Well, I guess it is for you to find out. 

2. Love You to the Stars and Back

“Sabi mo, minsan, hindi natin alam na wini-wish pala natin ang isang bagay hanggang nandiyan na sa harap natin. Tama ka nga. Pero alam mo anong nalaman ko? Mas totoo pala yung hindi natin alam wini-wish pala natin ang isang bagay hanggang mawala yun sa atin.”

This is a heartwarming story about Mika searching for an alien to find answers. She met Caloy, a good-humored boy who journeyed with her to help her find the alien. It is all fun and adventure, not until they are shocked by a sad reality that one of them is counting the number of days left to live. Will they be able to see the alien? Which one of them will bid goodbye first? Well, you can watch the movie on Netflix.  

3. Hello, Love, Goodbye

“Kung mahal mo ako, bakit hindi ako ang piliin mo?” 

“Kung mahal mo ako, bakit pinapapili mo ako?” 

A story about Joy, a struggling Filipino overseas worker who found love at the most unexpected time. Ethan, a young handsome bartender became the love of her life because he was there at her darkest time. As they tried to reconcile their personal careers and love for each other in Hong Kong, one of them realized that no love is worth risking a career that can make you and your family’s life better. Will Joy choose Ethan? Can she pursue her what-ifs and leave her loved one behind? It is for you to know the answers. 

4. Barcelona: Love Untold

“Huwag mo akong mahalin dahil mahal kita; mahalin mo ako because that’s what I deserve.”

Ely, a hardworking architecture student met Mia, a girl who is lost in her journey while trying to prove herself. Ely picked Mia when she is at her worst and helped her bring out the best in her. While they are in the process of falling in love, Mia found out that she looks exactly like Celine, Ely’s deceased girlfriend. Will they continue their love story? Is Ely helping Mia because she is reminded by Celine? Is Ely’s feeling true? Well, check out the full movie on Netflix. 

5. Through Night and Day

“I want you to be happy. Though I’m no longer part of the happiness, even though we’re not together. I’m so happy that you were part of my life.”

A lot of people said that if you want to know the person, go for a trip with them. After many years of being together, Ben and Jen are engaged. They decided to go for a long trip before their wedding. Sadly, their relationship was tested and broke up before they got home. After a few years, one of them is engaged and when they meet again, they realize they still love each other. Will they continue what they started? Will they fight for each other? What do you think happened next? Well, watch it on Netflix!

6. Starting Over Again

“Anong Karapatan mong hingin ang isang bagay na pinagdamot mong ibigay? I deserved an explanation. I deserve an acceptable reason!”

Ginny, an architecture student, falls deeply in love with history professor Marco. They entered a relationship full of promises until one of them they decided broke the promise. One decided to pursue a career abroad, while the other one is left devastated. Years later, they were joined by a project. Can they find forgiveness? Do they still love each other? Who sent the letter? You can continue watching this on Netflix!

7. My Ex’s and Why’s

“Am I not enough? Pangit ba ko? Kapalit – palit ba ako? Then why?”

Cali, an aspiring blogger, became famous after her heartfelt hugot about ‘Bakit List’ was answered anonymously by his ex. Gio, his ex, cheated on her which leaves a scar in her heart. Cali, not being able to move on, decided to take revenge. She wanted to show how worse Gio is on the internet, but it turns the other way around. Will they find forgiveness with each other? Will Cali find the answer to her why? 

8. Breakup Playlist

“Do me a favor, umalis ka na rin sa buhay ko.Alis!”

An aspiring singer and a rock singer developed a deep feeling for each other. Trixie decided to pursue her music career despite her parent’s dream for her. Gino helped Trixie on her musical journey. Sadly, one of them became envious of the other’s career which led to a breakup. After a few years, they decided to meet for a project. What did Trixie sacrifice for Gino? Why did Gino choose to abandon Trixie? Do they still have a chance? 

9. My Amnesia Girl

“May mga maswerteng nakahanap na. May mga naghahanap pa, merong iba sumuko na. pero ang pinakamasakit, yung nasa sayo na, pinakawalan mo pa.”

This is not your typical love story, but you will surely enjoy the twist. Apollo cancelled the wedding when Irene started walking down the aisle. Few years later she found out that Irene had amnesia and cannot remember the things that happened to them. Apollo tried to win Irene back until he discovered that Irene was just pretending all along. What do you think happened next? Will Irene forgive Apollo? Will Apollo forgive Irene? Well, open your phone and continue this story on Netflix. 

10. She’s Dating the Gangster

“Kailangan ba pag nagmahal ka nasasaktan ka rin?”

Do you love 90’s set up and old movies? Well, check out this movie of Kenji and Athena. The school bad boy heartthrob, Kenji and Athena pretends to be in a relationship to make Kenji’s ex jealous. Later on, they realized they were no longer pretending and decided to make it true. Sadly, Kenji’s ex is badly ill, which is why Kenji is torn between the present and the past. Who will Kenji choose? What will happen to Athena? Do they have a happy ending?

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