70s and 80s movies to watch on vivamax

Top 70s and 80s pinoy movies that you need to watch!

Watch Movies from the 70s and 80s

Some of these movies are available on vivamax and the others are available in future releases.

Watching classic movies is a great way to relive those childhood memories, but you might be surprised to learn that a lot of films from the past can be incredibly entertaining. In this post, we will be looking at ten films that you should all make a point to watch.

There are technically hundreds of thousands of movies available to stream on the internet, but movies that we think of as classics are usually those that were viewed in movie theaters decades ago.

 Regardless of how old you are, there’s no doubt that you know the stories behind the classic movies we all grew up with. We can all recite the plots of many of them. But what do you know about the stars of classic movies? What’s their real story? This series will focus on the history of the actors on the big screen.

When people think of a classic movie from decades past, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the film’s cast and their memorable performances. But what about the films’ music? Would the film still be as enjoyable if not for the incredible soundtrack? Who can forget BAGETS? hahaha… i just carbon dated myself!

The Philippine film industry was once known as the Philippines’ Hollywood. In the early 1970s, the country produced over 100 feature-length films annually. Nowadays, only around 30 Filipino films are released every year.

Do you remember watching movies in the 70s and 80s? The bulk of you reading this will not even know the artists but we are definitely sure you can relate to the timeless stories presented in the movie!

Top 50 movies from the 70s and 80s to watch on vivamax

1. Dyesebel (1973)

114 min | Adventure, Family, Fantasy5.1  Rate this

Dyesebel is a popular mermaid character in the Philippines. The comic book character was originally conceived by the Filipino comic book illustrator, Mars Ravelo and drawn by Elpidio Torres.

Director: Emmanuel H. Borlaza | Stars: Vilma Santos, Romeo Miranda, Divina Valencia, Mina Aragon

Movies from the 1970s are some of the best films ever made. It’s a unique time period full of comedies, dramas, and thrillers—all of which are timeless. With that said, there are timeless movies from the 1970s that are still worth watching today.

Those of us old enough to have lived through the 1970s know how important the next 10 years were for the movie industry. With the emergence of the home video market, We were able to Watch from home and this issued an era that movie was producing longer, higher quality movies and giving them wider release. Then came, the VCD, DVD, Laserdisc, minidisc and much more!

2. Teribol dobol (1975)

Action, Comedy Rate this

Director: Luciano B. Carlos | Stars: Chiquito, Vilma Santos, Walter Navarro, Caridad Sanchez

3. Katas ng langis (1976)

Comedy, Drama Rate this

With his kind of sophisticated domestic comedy, Zialcita shows how three wives cope with the absence of their husbands who work in the Middle East.

Director: Danny L. Zialcita | Stars: Jean Saburit, Amy Austria, Sandy Andolong, Mark Gil

4. Anak ng atsay (1979)

Drama Rate this

A husband’s love child with the housemaid is mistreated by his wife.

Director: Lauro Pacheco | Stars: Nora Aunor, Julie Vega, Dante Rivero, Marissa Delgado

5. P.S. I Love You (1981)

Drama, Romance7.3  Rate this

Kristine is a teenager living an affluent life with her mother and auntie. Her mother is the only one managing the hacienda of her late father. Since her mother is not used to managing the … 

Director: Eddie Garcia | Stars: Sharon Cuneta, Gabby Concepcion, Barbara Perez, Boots Anson-Roa

Movies from the 1980s are as good as gold for movie buffs, and some of the best movies of that decade have only gotten better with time. You can’t go wrong watching movies like Bagets, Hotshots, Dyesabel, working girls and many more that Vivafilms brought to life

6. My Only Love (1982)

Drama, Romance6.5  Rate this

This youth-oriented romantic film celebrates the idealism for young love.

Director: Eddie Garcia | Stars: Sharon Cuneta, Gabby Concepcion, Jackie Lou Blanco, Amalia Fuentes

7. Forgive and Forget (1982)

Comedy, Romance, Drama Rate this

A story of young love set against a backdrop of complex family relationships.

Director: Eddie Garcia | Stars: Nida Blanca, Nestor de Villa, Sharon Cuneta, William Martinez

8. Sinasamba kita (1982)

Drama, Romance6.9  Rate this


Director: Eddie Garcia | Stars: Vilma Santos, Christopher De Leon, Phillip Salvador, Lorna Tolentino

9. Batch ’81 (1982)

TV-14 | 100 min | Drama7.0  Rate this

The lives of seven neophytes as they strive to enter a Greek letter fraternity through a difficult hazing process. The entire experience is seen through the eyes of Sid Lucero, one of the neophytes.

Director: Mike De Leon | Stars: Mark Gil, Sandy Andolong, Ward Luarca, Noel Trinidad

10. Cross My Heart (1982)

134 min | Romance4.2  Rate this

Friends fall in love in this typically glossy romance from Viva Films.

Director: Eddie Garcia | Stars: Charito Solis, Nestor de Villa, Rowell Santiago, Juan Carlos Bonnin

11. Gaano kadalas ang minsan? (1982)

Drama8.2  Rate this

They are two women in love with one man. One is the wife, the other is the mistress. And between them, the man whose love and time they share. But even the most discreet of affairs can be … 

Director: Danny L. Zialcita | Stars: Vilma Santos, Hilda Koronel, Dindo Fernando, Suzanne Gonzales

12. Friends in Love (1983)

112 min | Drama, Romance3.8  Rate this

Two pairs of friends get involved in a game of romantic ‘Musical Chairs.’

Director: Eddie Garcia | Stars: Sharon Cuneta, Jackie Lou Blanco, William Martinez, Rowell Santiago

13. Par de Jack (1983)

Action Rate this


Director: Ronaldo P. San Juan | Stars: Jun Aristorenas, Bomber Moran, Laarni Enriquez, Ada Alberto

14. Palabra de honor (1983)

108 min | Drama8.7  Rate this

Eddie Garcia heads an all-star cast in a searing drama about a millionaire patriarch and the power he wields among the people in an entire town.

Director: Danny L. Zialcita | Stars: Hilda Koronel, Elizabeth Oropesa, Beth Bautista, Amy Austria

15. Macho-nurin (1983)

Action, Comedy Rate this


Director: Augusto Buenaventura | Stars: Joseph Estrada, Gloria Diaz

16. Sana, bukas pa ang kahapon (1983)

Drama Rate this

Three friends see life in the city. Ana (Hilda Koronel) becomes the mistress of wealthy, married Roy (Dindo Fernando). Candy (Maria Isabel Lopez) leaves her boyfriend Dick (Raul Aragon) for… 

Director: Romy Suzara | Stars: Hilda Koronel, Dindo Fernando, Lorna Tolentino, Jay Ilagan

17. Paano ba ang mangarap? (1983)

Drama7.8  Rate this

A young woman suffers such great difficulties in life that she has forgotten how to dream.

Director: Eddie Garcia | Stars: Vilma Santos, Christopher De Leon, Amy Austria, Armida Siguion-Reyna

18. To Love Again (1983)

101 min | Drama, Romance5.4  Rate this

Forced by her father to marry a man she does not love in order to save him from financial ruin, Raffy runs away. Left with no choice but to fend for herself, she takes a secretarial job in … 

Director: Danny L. Zialcita | Stars: Sharon Cuneta, Miguel Rodriguez, Dante Rivero, Liza Lorena

19. Saan darating ang umaga? (1983)

116 min | Drama8.2  Rate this

A family’s source of joy becomes the cause of all their grief. After years of trying to have a son, a couple finally decides to adopt one. While Shayne their only child is receptive at … 

Director: Maryo J. de los Reyes | Stars: Nida Blanca, Nestor de Villa, Maricel Soriano, Jaypee De Guzman

20. Init sa magdamag (1983)

100 min | Drama, Romance Rate this

About a woman who changes personality to please the man she’s with, and about the man who brings her sexuality to full bloom.

Director: Laurice Guillen | Stars: Lorna Tolentino, Dindo Fernando, Joel Torre, Anita Linda

21. Minsan pa nating hagkan ang nakaraan (1983)

Drama, Romance Rate this

Reunited: Vilma Santos, Christopher DeLeon, and Eddie Garcia, together again for another dramatic performance. This time, Marilou Diaz-Abaya directs, and this time Eddie Garcia displays his superb acting talent.

Director: Marilou Diaz-Abaya | Stars: Vilma Santos, Christopher De Leon, Eddie Garcia, Mona Lisa

22. Dugong buhay (1983)

119 min | Action, Drama, Thriller5.2  Rate this

It tells the story of a hacienda or ranch worker Samuel (Ramon Revilla Sr.), who is seeking revenge against the cruelty of the de Lara family. Because of his hatred, Samuel uses his own son… 

Director: Carlo J. Caparas | Stars: Ramon Revilla, Ramon ‘Bong’ Revilla Jr., Imelda Ilanan, Maria Isabel Lopez

23. Laruan (1983)

Drama5.6  Rate this

Joy (Carmi Martin) has only one ambition in life – to get rich and give her family a more comfortable life. She enslaves herself to William (Mark Gil) in her hope that he will help her achieve her goal.

Director: Emmanuel H. Borlaza | Stars: Carmi Martin, Angela Perez, Mark Gil, Chanda Romero

24. Bago kumalat ang kamandag (1983)

Action Rate this


Director: Willy Milan | Stars: Anthony Alonzo, Coney Reyes, Eddie Garcia, Perla Bautista

25. Kung mahawi man ang ulap (1984)

110 min | Drama7.7  Rate this

Catherine goes through all the travails of a young woman, who had to deal with a scheming stepfather out to dupe her of her inheritance.

Director: Laurice Guillen | Stars: Hilda Koronel, Christopher De Leon, Amy Austria, Gloria Romero

26. Bagets (1984)

90 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance7.3  Rate this

Five chaste adolescents attempt to navigate the wild and unpredictable drama of their final year of high school, only to discover that their friendship is what keeps them afloat.

Director: Maryo J. de los Reyes | Stars: William Martinez, Herbert Bautista, J.C. Bonnin, Raymond Lauchengco

27. Dapat ka bang mahalin? (1984)

Crime, Drama, Mystery7.9  Rate this

Myrna and Lito plunge into marriage at a very young age, both unprepared and still immature. But their relationship suddenly collapses when Lito gets into an illicit relationship with an …

Director: Emmanuel H. Borlaza | Stars: Sharon Cuneta, Gabby Concepcion, Celia Rodriguez, Vic Silayan

28. May lamok sa loob ng kulambo (1984)

Comedy9.2  Rate this

Lauro (Eddie Garcia) is a married man who just loves women. His wife Elena (Gloria Diaz), a beautiful and strong-willed woman, is dead-set on keeping him from womanizing.

Director: Danny L. Zialcita | Stars: Eddie Garcia, Gloria Diaz, Amy Austria, Lyka Ugarte

29. Working Girls (1984)

118 min | Comedy6.7  Rate this

How the daily lives of seven women working different jobs in a big commercial bank in Makati are affected by their ambition for success in their chosen career paths and how this drive affects their personal lives.

Director: Ishmael Bernal | Stars: Hilda Koronel, Rio Locsin, Chanda Romero, Carmi Martin

30. Bukas luluhod ang mga tala (1984)

132 min | Drama, Musical, Romance6.2  Rate this

The illegitimate child of a rich man, living in poverty with her mother and humiliated by her legitimate half-sisters, becomes an overnight success as a singing sensation.

Director: Emmanuel H. Borlaza | Stars: Sharon Cuneta, Eddie Rodriguez, Gina Pareño, Pilar Pilapil

31. Somewhere (1984)

125 min | Action, Drama, Romance Rate this

The fugitive, the singer, and the song that brought them together: “Somewhere.”

Director: Romy Suzara | Stars: Rudy Fernandez, Lorna Tolentino, Johnny Delgado, Armida Siguion-Reyna

32. Hotshots (1984)

109 min | Comedy, Drama3.0  Rate this

This is a story of adolescent boys and girls and their early experiences in life and love. How they took life.

Director: Jeric Soriano | Stars: Herbert Bautista, Aga Muhlach, Raymond Lauchengco, Gary Valenciano

33. Mga batang yagit (1984)

Drama Rate this

Four children find one another after Elisa and her mother are thrown out of the house by the evil mother-in-law. Left to fend for themselves, they end up living with their mother’s bar-girl friend in an informal settlement.

Director: Leroy Salvador | Stars: Amy Austria, Beth Bautista, Dindo Fernando, Bella Flores

34. The Best of Sharon and Gabby (1984)

Documentary, Romance Rate this


Director: Al Quinn | Stars: Sharon Cuneta, Gabby Concepcion

35. Baby Tsina (1984)

110 min | Drama8.2  Rate this

Alyas Baby Tsina/Alias Baby China (1984) is based on the true legal story of Evelyn Duave Ortega, aka Baby Tsina (She was called this in court documents because she looked Chinese. … 

Director: Marilou Diaz-Abaya | Stars: Vilma Santos, Rez Cortez, Rolando Tinio, Zeny Zabala

36. Bagets 2 (1984)

130 min | Comedy, Drama6.9  Rate this

This sequel of the youth-oriented film chronicles the boys’ final year of high school, culminating in their graduation.

Director: Maryo J. de los Reyes | Stars: William Martinez, J.C. Bonnin, Herbert Bautista, Raymond Lauchengco

37. Sa hirap at ginhawa (1984)

114 min | Drama, Romance Rate this

A young couple copes with the heavy demands of married life with great difficulty.

Director: Leroy Salvador | Stars: Sharon Cuneta, Gabby Concepcion, Nida Blanca, Leroy Salvador

38. Kapag puso’y sinugatan (1985)

Drama Rate this

Patricia urges Ramon, the father of the child she bore out of wedlock, to fulfill their son, Luigi’s yearning for his father. Ramon starts to spend time with Luigi causing his partner, Mariel’s suspicions over his frequent absence.

Director: Laurice Guillen | Stars: Hilda Koronel, Christopher De Leon, Rio Locsin, Edu Manzano

39. Working Boys (1985)

114 min | Comedy7.0  Rate this

The wacky trio of Tito, Vic and Joey became a quartet with the addition of the Bagets (1984) film actor, Herbert Bautista. They played jack of all trades and masters of none in this spin off of the film Working Girls (1984).

Director: Mike Relon Makiling | Stars: Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, Joey de Leon, Herbert Bautista

40. Orion’s Belt (1985)

PG | 87 min | Action, Thriller6.9  Rate this

A group of seamen from Norway find a Soviet listening station and they become targets for both America and Russia. Another cold war takes place.

Directors: Ola Solum, Tristan de Vere Cole | Stars: Helge Jordal, Sverre Anker Ousdal, Hans Ola Sørlie, Kjersti Holmen

41. Bituing walang ningning (1985)

TV-PG | 126 min | Drama, Musical, Romance7.8  Rate this

A devoted fan is groomed to bring down her idol’s career. A classic story of love, success, and what people are willing to sacrifice to achieve them.

Director: Emmanuel H. Borlaza | Stars: Sharon Cuneta, Christopher De Leon, Cherie Gil, Jay Ilagan

42. Sa totoo lang! (1985)

Comedy, Drama8.9  Rate this

Some of the country’s finest actors join the fun in this witty, totally hilarious look into the sex lives of lower-middle-class women who are old and single, separated, widowed, grass-widowed, fooling around, and everything else.

Director: Maryo J. de los Reyes | Stars: Gina Pareño, Carmi Martin, Gloria Diaz, Leroy Salvador

43. Isla (1985)

118 min | Drama, Romance8.7  Rate this

Isla (Maria Isabel Lopez), is an island maiden who has all the men, including her father, lusting after her. Her dream was to leave her primitive island village and find another life in the big city.

Director: Celso Ad. Castillo | Stars: Maria Isabel Lopez, Joel Torre, Paquito Diaz, Gil de Leon

44. Muling buksan ang puso (1985)

Drama8.7  Rate this

Hurt once by a failed romance, a woman finds herself in a dilemma when she falls in love again.

Director: Leroy Salvador | Stars: Vilma Santos, Dindo Fernando, Coney Reyes, Lorna Tolentino

45. Ma’am May We Go Out? (1985)

Comedy7.0  Rate this

Soriano brothers Dennis, Chipipoy/Chip, and Jeff are bums who do odd jobs to earn a living, including driving a jeepney. Their lives take a different turn after meeting Atty. Aga Agaton, … 

Director: Mike Relon Makiling | Stars: Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, Joey de Leon, J.C. Bonnin

46. Beloved (1985)

112 min | Drama8.7  Rate this

Friendship takes a violent turn when Nora Aunor finds that she’s a pawn in the intriguing games being played by her employer and close friend Hilda Koronel. How far should the bonds of friendship go?

Director: Leroy Salvador | Stars: Nora Aunor, Hilda Koronel, Christopher De Leon, Dindo Fernando

47. Pati ba pintig ng puso? (1985)

110 min | Drama4.9  Rate this

A housemaid who marries her young master inadvertently becomes the victim of her husband’s revenge against the family patriarch.

Director: Leroy Salvador | Stars: Sharon Cuneta, Gabby Concepcion, Eddie Garcia, Charito Solis

48. Like Father, Like Son (1985)

Comedy, Drama8.6  Rate this


Director: Mike Relon Makiling | Stars: Niño Muhlach, Herbert Bautista, Nida Blanca, Nestor de Villa

49. Tinik sa dibdib (1985)

119 min | Drama9.0  Rate this

A young woman marries a security guard and gets entangled in the numerous debilitating problems of her husband’s family.

Director: Leroy Salvador | Stars: Nora Aunor, Dina Bonnevie, Phillip Salvador, Eddie Garcia

50. Doctor, Doctor, We Are Sick (1985)

Comedy Rate this

In a rare comic movie, Vilma Santos portrays a hospital attendant hopelessly in love with a resident doctor who gets the support of her wacky cousins.

Director: Mike Relon Makiling | Stars: Vilma Santos, Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, Joey de Leon

In conclusion, here are the top 70s and 80s Pinoy movies that you need to watch.

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