Guide, Opening

A Guide to Opening a Can Without a Can…

BymickieannJan 17, 2022505

Opening a can without a can opener is possible, but it takes some time and effort. The first step in opening a can…

10 ways period

10 Natural Ways to Induce Your Period

BymickieannJan 13, 2022866

Whether you like it or not, you always get a nervous feeling when your period is late Irregular periods, which are a fairly…

12 untranslatable Filipino words.

12 Filipino Words that can’t be Translated to English

BymickieannJan 12, 20222716

It is more fun in the Philippines that is why the country is visited by people from all over the world. Despite the…

Sexiest Tiktoker in the Philippines.

Sexiest Tiktoker in Philippines

BymickieannJan 7, 20221794

If you’re looking to be entertained, then TikTok is the place for you. It’s a video app that lets users post short videos…

St. Padre Pio: Who is he?

Who is St. Padre Pio?

BymickieannJan 3, 2022834

The name “Padre Pio” has long been associated with the stigmata he developed when he served in World War I. He was a…

Creative ways to cook an egg in 30+ different methods.

30+ Creative Ways to Cook an Egg

BymickieannDec 29, 2021516

Eggs are a staple of the breakfast table. They can also make an easy, quick meal for dinner or lunch. But there’s no…

The funniest Pinoy memes.


BymickieannDec 27, 20212254

In sudden times we were feeling blue, and we were searching for something to lift our moods. You’re thinking of something that will…

Budget smartphones for gamers.

Cheap Phones Perfect For Gaming

BymickieannDec 22, 2021714

Beyond the specific needs of everyday life, many people enjoy playing games on their phones. There are a lot of game apps out…

2022 Color Of The Year: Very Peri

Very Peri: 2022 Color Of The Year

BymickieannDec 20, 2021595

Lucky Color 2022 Philippines! It’s that time of year again! The Pantone Colour Institute announced the 2022 Color Of The Year, and it’s…