Lockdown Lessons: Classes You Can Take Online Now For Free

by Misha Fabian

Lockdown blues got you down? No worries! Here’s a compilation of some of the classes you can take during the quarantine period. Whether it’s working out, dancing, or catching up on some reading, you’re guaranteed to find something that will help you beat cabin fever. Happy hunting!


Popsugar Fitness Workouts

URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwkXyHjgoDM

No gym? No problem! Popsugar Fitness is a YouTube fitness channel with videos of various workouts you can do in the comfort of your home. The workouts range from 10 minutes to an hour and are guaranteed to make you love working out! Simply pick out which workout you want for the day by choosing one of its many interactive videos and enjoy.


URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0YBDXB8dv4

P.S. A personal favorite is the DanceBody workout by Katia Pryce, CEO and founder of Dancebody. With only 20 minutes, you get a full body workout that will help you achieve the dancer bod of your dreams!


Check out the Popsugar Fitness YouTube channel here.


STEEZY Studio Dance Classes


Get groovin’ and movin’ by taking one of STEEZY Studio’s dance classes! The dance studio decided to launch a series of free dance classes starting on March 20 featuring choreography created by some of today’s most talented and most prominent dancers. Here’s the class list that they posted on their Facebook page:

Steezy Sched

To join, you just need to log in using your Facebook or Google account or create your own STEEZY account. An email will be sent to you containing the timeslots of the classes. Happy dancing!


Shake that booty with STEEZY Studio by clicking here.


Ivy League Courses

Ivy League

Enrich your mind by enrolling in 1 of the 450 courses made available online by prestigious Ivy League schools. Dawal Shah, founder of Class Central, has created a list of all the exciting classes available with the disciplines ranging from computer science to health and medicine and from humanities to business.


If you wanna learn more about the individual classes, click here.


BalletNova LIVE!

URL: https://youtu.be/AfgPfmn2DbA

With dance studios all around the world closed for the time being, the BalletNova Center for Dance has generously decided to upload Facebook Live videos of their community classes so everyone at home can dance and work out just like they would at a dance studio! BalletNova is a premier dance studio in Northern Virginia that has produced many dancers for prestigious dance companies all over America. Simply log in to your Facebook account and visit their Facebook page here to take part in their classes.


If you’re worried about the time difference, fret not! Their Live videos are still saved on their page so you can go back to them at any time.



If you’ve ever written a paper, chances are you’re familiar with Scribd. Now, Scribd has been a valuable resource portal for years but most of its materials are only accessible through a paid membership. However, Scribd’s CEO and founder Trip Adler wrote this letter, making Scribd free and accessible for a whole month!


Access millions of e-books, audiobooks, and papers on Scribd now! Click here.


NCFL Learning Portals


If you’re living with a child, you may want to check out The National Center for Families Learning. Getting stuck indoors all day may be boring, especially for the little ones. With school out and a lot of recreational places closed, the NCFL has created various learning resource portals that can be enjoyed by kids for free! The portals are interactive and offer a wide variety of online and offline activities. The best part? The whole family can join in as well!



Click here to start learning!


YMCA Fitness Classes


During this quarantine period, it’s extremely important to keep both our minds and bodies healthy. That’s why the YMCA has decided to create a series of free online fitness classes that will get you moving and working to make sure that you stay in shape. The classes are divided into different types of workouts so finding one that’s perfect for you shouldn’t be a problem.


Get your blood pumping here!


Google Arts & Culture: Museum Tours

Museum Tours

Who says you need to leave your house to go museum hopping? Google Arts & Culture partnered up with several of the most prominent museums around the world to give you virtual tours to see the beautiful galleries and artworks that are housed in the museums. Using 360°video technology, the halls of the museums are transported onto your computer screen. It’s as if you’re actually walking around the museums themselves! To top the tours off, you can access the site’s different features to get a crash course in Art History as it tells you the backgrounds of famous artworks and landmarks found across the globe. Start exploring here!


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