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The most wonderful time of the year is back.

Cheer Up, It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year Again!

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Yes, Virginia, just like that, eight months of Year 2021 have passed. It’s “Ber” month already, and Christmas is just around the corner. You can now legit play your favorite Jose Mari Chan carols, and your Scrooge of a neighbor won’t find you weird. But he will probably still get annoyed (just because he’s really like that).

And, yes again, we’re still in a pandemic. If there’s one thing the global health crisis has taught us is that life goes on no matter what. Sasapit pa rin talaga ang Pasko! The celebration may be different from what we’ve been used to in the past years, but we can always find ways to keep the spirit of Christmas alive, well, in our hearts and around us.

Take out your Yuletide stuff from storage

It’s time to dust off your old Christmas tree and decors, then decide if you’re going to use them again. Hey, it’s been almost a year since you made up your mind to store them for safety and re-use. You may have other plans by now.

Plan ahead your Christmas motif

Maybe you want to update your traditional Pinoy theme from last year or maybe tone down the Western influences. You can also mix things up and let anything goes. While you’re at it, why not go by the era (does pre-pandemic count?) or even go further into the future (like the next normal).

For inspiration, check out design websites or go straight to online shopping. Dapitan Arcade, for instance, has a wide array of choices for a variety of tastes, needs, and budgets.

dapitan arcade online store
Christmas is 24/7 on DapitanArcade.com

Make a list, and check it twice, or several times

While window shopping online, take note—or better yet, screenshot—the items that take your fancy. Aside from the photo, there’s also a short description and price range for each product on sale at Dapitan Arcade. From there, you can already piece together a total look and draw up a budget.

Shop early – Avoid the Christmas rush

Once you’ve finalized your list, you’re ready for the most fun part: shopping! Start with the piece de resistance, which is typically a tall Christmas tree. Next is the Christmas tree topper because it’s the centerpiece and it dictates the overall look for the tree, along with the rest of the general theme of your holiday decoration. Then, move on to ornaments for other parts of your house, or even outside, starting from your gate and house façade, and all the way to the nook and cranny of your dwelling place.

In case you forget anything or a lot of things to add to your cart, you’ll still have time to shop again and not cram to meet your timeline. That’s the benefit of shopping early. Another is you’ll have ample time to check your purchases and see if everything is at par with your expectations.

Christmas Tree For Sale
Christmas Tree Shopping online

Get down to work

Ideally, you have opened and scrutinized all your packages by late October, so that after Halloween, you can start putting up your Christmas tree and the rest of your decorations. You can make this a bonding activity for the whole family, and that’s the true spirit of the season.