Everything you need to know about SSS online.

Everything You Need To Know About SSS Online

The Social Security System (SSS) was established in September 1957. SSS is an effective way to safeguard the value of work, savings, and investments. This establishment protects the hardship of employees and the life of people around them.

You need to become an SSS member to avail of the financial assistance it offers in terms of life’s contingencies in the form of cash, loan, and pensions. Financial support is given to every qualified SSS member.

How to become a qualified SSS member?

You need to have an SSS number and applied to the website: 


The Social Security System (SSS) number has 10 digits. This is required for all SSS transactions.

  • Employed or voluntary, you are obliged to pay the monthly contribution.
  • The time of applying must be insurable and not more than the age of  60.
  • In loans, a member has at least 36 months of contribution and 24 continuous periods upon application.
  • Contribution payment for employees must be a salary deduction. Voluntary payment must be paid over the counter. Nearest SSS branch, Banks/ online banking, and Credited payment Express. (Malls and credited Pawnshop) online digital apps payment

 Everything you need to know about SSS online

  • You need to register for your access code: username and password.
  • Click MEMBER at the SSS PORTAL, then click on not yet registered in My.SSS?  There is a reminder that will appear on your screen before you click PROCEED. Read it first to get an idea, so you have an idea of SSS.
  • Check certified and click PROCEED.
  • For the online registration form, please enter your information details and check the term and services before submitting and reviewing the details you input.
  • Notification of your registration will be sent to your active registered email.
  • Follow the instructions for the activation of your SSS account.

When you pay SSS contributions, you can save your financial future when you need financial assistance.

What are the SSS benefits:

  • Salary loan/Calamity loan – Total 36 months of contribution and the last 12 months of payments.
  • Sickness Notification reimbursement / Maternity Reimbursement – Accident or Sickness
  • Childbirth and miscarriage must have 3 months latest posted previous 12 months.
  • Retirement benefit – Employees can receive the retirement benefit if they have reached the maximum allowed contribution of 120 of their monthly salary prior to retirement.
  • Must have 120 monthly contributions before retirement to get a pension.
  • Disability / Death benefits – Posted in 36 months before the member’s death for the beneficiary to receive the pension.
  • Unemployed benefits – Should be 18 months before the member becomes unemployed; the monthly contribution must be 36. 

How to apply for an Online Loan

  1. Go to the SSS website (sss.gov.ph)
  2. Click MEMBER
  3. Type your user ID and password
  4. Click the captcha box
  5. Look at the E-Service above the headboard
  6. Apply for salary loan
  7. Put the loan amount you preferred
  8. Click the Disbursement Account Enrollment Module. Find the Bank name for your account where the system will disburse your loan.
  9. Read before you click the agreement of terms and conditions.
  10. Proceed and submit
  11. On-screen, the transaction number will appear
  12. Salary Loan/Calamity Loan confirmation will be sent to the email address that you register.

If you’re employed, let your employer know when the confirmation is received. The employer will certify your loan, and it will proceed for SSS approval.

Advantages of using the SSS Online Portal

Social Security System provides top-notch service for its active members and contributors. Using online portal prose several benefits, including:

  • Tech-savvy approach
  • Easy Access to multiple screens
  • Easy, accurate, and updated viewing or checking of your contribution/loan status
  • Faster and safer transactions
  • Guaranteed hassle-free process

Online transactions have become increasingly easier as technology continues to dominate our daily lives. This allows us the convenience of staying informed and checking our financial accounts from the comfort of our homes.

You can also use the new and improved mobile app for faster and handy transactions. 

For more info and references 

SSS Hotline: 1455
Toll-free Number: 1-800-10-2255777
SSS email: [email protected]
SSS Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SSSPh 

SSS online guide is the best way to continue the effort to provide quality and appropriate services to members. We can download the SSS mobile app on the smartphone or even SSS website in the Google Play store for more convenience.