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A first aid kit, essential for survival, is showcased on a white background.

What’s in your GO BAG? Survival Kit Essentials


Definition of Go Bag: 

a bag packed with essential items, kept ready for use in the event of an emergency evacuation of one’s home. It is also known as grab bag.

What’s in your “Go Bag” / “Grab Bag”

When an emergency strikes there isn’t much time to do anything. Time is crucial, a few seconds can mean survival or death in extreme cases. We decided to come up with a list of essentials for your Go Bag.

What makes a Go Bag? It is any bag that can fit all the essentials you will be needing in case of an emergency. It should be easy to carry, like a back pack or a suitcase on wheels. It should be stored in an easy access, visible place that is easy to reach in case you need to rush our of your home in an emergency.

What should be placed in a Go Bag?

Copies of important documents ( photo IDs, passport, important bank documents, important legal documents, family contact information, vital health information about you and your family) placed in a watertight container to avoid damage.

  • First Aid Kit with list of each person and medication needed and summary dosage per person.
  • Emergency plans,  information about work and school contacts, directory of friends and family.
  •  Store some Cash in loose change (small bills)
  • Extra set of House and car keys.
  • Flashlight (LED last longer)
  • Bottled Water and dry non-perishable foods (granola, energy or chocolate bars)
  • Jackets, blankets and gear to protect from the elements. (Poncho)
  • 1 box of Matches/Lighter
  • Utility Knife and tools (Can opener)
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Child Supplies (Meds, Diapers, blankets)
  • Battery/Solar Powered radio.
  • Dust Masks
  • Whistle
  • Sewing Kit
  • Large Zip Lock Bags
  • Pen and Paper
  • Garbage bags
  • Baby wipes/Moist Towels
  • Solar Charger for power bank or Mobile Phone.
  • Extra clothing, shoes and undergarments.

Remember when packing, what is least important goes in first and the more important ones come in last. You can have several Go Bags in place, at home, in the car or even at work.

Make sure you check all the items in the Go Bag regularly or keep a list of items and their expiration. This is a basic list, you can add your own or customize it, The Go Bag should contain what is essential for you to survive for several days disconnected from outside world. Keep it Handy, Keep it near. Be Safe!

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