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A piggy bank with low balance savings.

4 Local Banks with Low Maintaining Balance for Savings Account – Open an Account for as Low as P100!

It’s payday! Finally, am I right?

Now before you go off spending all that hard-earned cash on something new and shiny at SM Megamall’s 3-day-sale from Friday to Sunday with an extra SALE day just for today (which basically makes it 4 days of SALE, really), why don’t you take a step back and start paying yourself first?

What are the best bank to open savings account Philippines?

We know how hard it is to have to manage your financial life but if you think about feeding your savings and emergency fund before you start budgeting your cash for daily expenses, wants, and needs, you might find yourself in a better relationship with your bank account. No more living like royalty the week after your sweldo and living like a pauper a couple of days before the 15th and the 30th. Manage your money properly by paying yourself first.

If you’re serious about being financially healthy, start saving now to get ready for investing later. To help you, here are some local banks where you can open a savings account with low maintaining balance so you can make the transition from a magastos to a sulit spender lifestyle easier.

East West Bank Basic Savings Account


One of the most affordable savings accounts, East West allows you to open an account with an initial and maintaining deposit of P100. Upon reaching P500 in your account, you’re entitled to earn interest at 0.25%.

Initial Deposit: P100
Maintaining Deposit: P100
Interest Earning Balance: P500
Documentation: Electronic Statement
Access: ATM, POS, Online
OTC transaction fees: P100

BPI Easy Saver – 

BPI Easy Saver

BPI’s lightest savings account is the BPI Easy Saver which allows you to open an account for an initial deposit of P200. While you will be charged a one-time fee of P50 for the Express Teller Card and P5 charge for transacting at any BPI Automated Teller Machines, this savings account does not require a maintaining balance to keep active.

Initial Deposit: P200
Maintaining Balance: None
Express Teller Card fee: P50
ATM transaction fee: P5
OTC transaction fee: P100

RCBC Basic Savings Account

RCBC Basic Savings

RCBC offers their basic savings account at an initial deposit and maintaining balance of P500. No charges for transactions made via RCBC ATMs or for the physical debit card.

Initial Deposit: P500
Maintaining Balance: P500

Landbank ATM Savings Account


Much like RCBC’s savings account, Landbank’s ATM savings account has a P500 initial deposit and maintaining balance requirement. However, this account also allows you to earn interest at 0.25% per annum with a required daily balance of P500.

Landbank savings account interest rate

Initial Deposit: P500
Maintaining Balance: P500
Required Daily Balance to Earn Interest: P500
Interest Rate: 0.25% p.a.
Maximum Withdrawable Amount/Day: P50,000
Documentation: ATM Card
Maximum EPS Transactions/Day: P100,000

Are you ready to save yet? Other banks such as BDO, Chinabank, and Metrobank require an initial deposit of and maintaining balance of P2,000 while PNB (Philippine National Bank) require P5,000.

atm savings account with no maintaining balance

Atm savings account with no maintaining balance.

  1. Bpi Savings –  NO maintaining balance required
  2. East West Bank – 100 pesos maintaining balance
  3. Landbank Savings Account – 500 pesos maintaining balance
  4. Bank of Commerce – 500 pesos minimum maintaining balance
  5. Equicom ATM SAvings –
  6. 100 pesos maintaining balance

Start your journey towards a financially healthy and sulit spender life. Happy saving!

Update for 2021 – Philippine Banks with Low to Zero Mainting Balance