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If you’ve spent a fair amount of time scrolling through your social media profiles, chances are you’ve seen a video or two of a man mediating between parties with the objects of conflict ranging from your typical everyday fiascos to the most bizarre scenarios you can think of. Many of the videos have gone viral for their perceived comedic content but what they actually achieve goes far beyond what meets the eye.

Rafael “Raffy” Tulfo is perhaps one of the Philippines’ most well-known broadcast journalists for his contributions to Philippine journalism over the past decade or so. With about 14 programs under his belt, Tulfo has received multiple awards for his dedication to delivering news and commentaries to the Filipino people. One of his current shows titled Raffy Tulfo in Action is a spinoff of one of his old shows in which he accepts complaints from people all over the metro and gives them the opportunity to discuss their issues live on air. A lot of the time, the complaints are what Filipino culture would view as taboo- but that does not stop the complainants from detailing and explaining their experiences. In fact, the show gives them the safety of being able to speak about such topics. Additionally, Raffy Tulfo in Action also features stories of the unusual- with people coming forward to share their unique stories..The show airs for an hour at noon from Mondays to Fridays and could be streamed online.



Tulfo is actually one of the famous Tulfo brothers who are well-known in the Philippine broadcast media scene for their no-holds-barred approach towards various social issues that Philippine society faces. Raffy’s brothers, Erwin, Ben, and Ramon, Jr. are also strong, popular personalities in broadcasting. However, Raffy seems to be the most prominent Tulfo brother on the broadcast scene now because of how much traction his noontime show has gained with its audiences all over the Philippines. 

As there are sides to every argument, Tulfo invites the involved parties to sit down and say their piece with him as the mediator. Because of this, the saying “Ipa-Tulfo mo na ‘yan” has gained popularity amongst Filipinos as it signals holding people accountable for their actions. What was once a leisurely noontime activity has turned into something of a cultural phenomenon. People from all over the country are granted an audience with Tulfo and he does his best to let them communicate what they need and what they want.

Since its initial airing in 2014, the program has displayed a wide array of conflicts and has been able to aid in the resolution of many of these. To date, Raffy Tulfo has hundreds of videos that could be readily viewed on his YouTube channel. His segment has gained popularity amongst the Filipinos with some even binge-watching the videos that he would post as a form of entertainment. Some have even made video compilations of the funniest issues that were aired. However, to the complainants who are being featured, Tulfo is seen as a beacon of hope in the midst of their troubles as he is able to reassure them that their problems could be fixed. At the very least, the complainants are able to feel that they are receiving support – which, sometimes, is what we need the most when we are going through something we find difficult.


While some netizens may argue that the segment is inane and, at times, borders on problematic, Tulfo affords his complainants with something that they may not usually get to encounter: a listening ear. Clips of his segment often go viral because some may find the subject matter laughable but in spite of this, it cannot be denied that Tulfo does provide a space where people can air out their grievances and attempt to find some sort of middle ground. Those who watch his videos and may be experiencing the same issues as those who are being featured would also be able to gain perspective and know that no matter what their problem is, they are not alone.

Who is Raffy Tulfo?

  • Name: Rafael Teshiba Tulfo
  • Birthday: March 12, 1960
  • Raffy Tulfo age: 59 years old
  • Birthplace: Davao City, Philippines
  • Parents: Ramon Tulfo Sr. and Caridad Teshiba-Tulfo
  • Raffy Tulfo Social Media Accounts :
  • Total Videos uploaded on Youtube: 4,198
  • Total Views on Youtube: 5,242,412,929 as of 2/21/2020
  • Total Average Views Per Video 1,248,788 as of 2/21/2020
  • Total Comments 12,372,576 as of 2/21/2020
  • Looking for Raffy Tulfo contact number? Send an email to [email protected]


Raffy Tulfo in Action




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