Sulit Basic Car Maintenance Tips – Easy to do and fast.

A person performing a basic car maintenance task by pouring oil into the car engine.
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Car servicing mechanic pouring oil to engine. Closeup of fresh oil being poured into a car.
Car servicing mechanic pouring oil to engine. Closeup of fresh oil being poured into a car.

Buying a your first car is an investment and this investment has to be protected. By keeping your car in tip top condition, you will enjoy it for years to come. Here is a list of basic maintenance tips for your brand new or used car. Following the tips will extend your cars life and you will get to enjoy the benefits of having a car that i reliable and safe on the road for you and your family.

Sulit Basic Car Maintenance Tips. Easy to do and fast.

1. Check Oil level and make sure they are on safe levels.
2. Check Tire Air Pressure and make sure you stay in manufacturers recommended air pressure for the tire.
To find out what PSI is right for your tires, consult your owner’s manual or the sticker on the driver’s side door.
3. Check Brake Fluid levels and keep them topped up!
4. Check Power Steering Fluid and make sure they are levelled up.
5. If you are using a coolant, make sure they dont run dry to avoid destroying your engine.
6. Keep wiper fluids full, in the Philippines our weather is unpredictable and wipers are used a lot to keep the windshield clean from bugs, mud, dirty rain or dust from the dry roads.

Happy Car Happy Life
7. Replace Wiper blades when needed. With unpredictable weather your blades need to be working well to keep your vision on road as clear as possible. Extreme heat and cold can break the wiper blades. Check them regularly.
8. Lubricate locks and hinges to keep them in tiptop form and avoid squeaking or wearing those parts down.
9. Check and replace air filter in car when needed. The engine needs clean air for good combustion, only way to make sure it gets clean air is to make sure air filter is always clean.
10. Check Bulbs regularly, keep a spare bulb hand in glove compartment for those emergiencies.
11. Keep spare fuses in the car in case of emergencies. You will never know when they die out so having them handy will help you keep your car running the way it should.
12. Keep a log book handy. Record all the events that concern your car like maintenance checkups, tire changes, oil changes, wiper blade changes, major car part repair.. keeping a list and properly documenting the events can give you a picture of the health of your car and how you can extend its life further!

Follow these tips and keep your car in good running condition serving you worry free and keeping you safe on the road! Simple reminder that go a long, long way.. 🙂

Remember, Happy Car means a Happy Drive! Keep safe on the Road!

Here is a short video to show you how to maintain your car. Video by Car and Driver Magazine.