Jobs for Travellers

7 Jobs for People Who Love to Travel

Jobs for Travellers

Do you love to travel? While some people don’t care for anything more than the occasional long weekend out-of-town trips, others bitten by the travel bug count the days until they can leave the comforts of their work desks and discover another magical faraway place – Myanmar? Maldive Islands? Greece?

If you’ve ever had the urge to just quit work and live the simple life travelling all over the world with only a backpack in tow, then you better be earning or have at least saved a pretty big amount of money to tide you over. Plane tickets can cost as much as 10k one-way (if you unfortunately missed out on promo fares) and lodging can cost you almost the same amount as airfare per night, depending on where you plan to go and how comfortable you plan on being. Sure, you can scrimp on some experiences here and there but wouldn’t it be just easier if you had a job you didn’t need escaping from?

Check out this handy list of job options for the traveler in you:

Work your way to an Executive Assistant post. Working as the executive assistant of a corporate executive or a company CEO means that you will be alongside her or him in all their business trips – from a meeting in BGC to a conference in Bangkok to client meetings all over the world.

Apply as a Flight Attendant. If you can qualify for the health requirements that this job entails, you might just want to try to land a job as an FA. Sure, you get crazy hours and have to interact with ALL types of customers on board but you get to travel all over the world, too! Plus, you can even get discounts on flights for you and your family.

Be a retail buyer. For fashionistas all over the country, you can try your luck in the business by working towards a career as a retail buyer. From monitoring the inventory of various stores, you also get to attend vendors meetings and conferences all over the world.

Work as a travel agent. While most people start working on their travel plans by searching online for airline promos and hotel accommodations, they still go to professional travel agents to help provide them with insider information and other local sights and activities some websites miss.

Teach English. We’re a nation that has been taught English ever since we started school so it’s a pretty basic subject for us. Apply for a teaching certification course and you can work in Italy, France, China, Thailand, Latin America, and more. As one of the easiest languages to learn, it follows that English is considered one of the most spoken languages all over the world. You won’t necessarily have a hard time looking for English teacher jobs but you might need a lot of time to prepare for a lot of paperwork – from certification to visas and more.

Become a destination wedding photographer. Destination weddings are a big thing and newlyweds are willing to spend a hefty amount of their wedding budget for a photographer. Build your portfolio today and market your services. As a destination wedding photographer, you get an all-expense paid trip (for you and your crew) to capture a couple’s happy day – on a tropical island in the country or in the more colder regions of the world.

Freelance your way to a lifestyle filled with travel. As a freelancer, you own your time. You don’t have to report to an office daily but you do need to clock in some hours at work. If you have the means, you can opt to work as a freelance writer, graphic designer, or a virtual assistant and work wherever you want to. All you really need is superb time management skills, laser sharp focus, and a very fast internet connection (which will never be a worry if you’re not located in the Philippines, tbh.)

One of the best ways to travel for free to a host of different cities, towns, and countries is by putting yourself on a career that includes travel as a job requirement. It’s not easy to suddenly shift to another career but with the right planning, some certification courses, and a couple of years of experience under your belt, you might want to consider shifting to some of these jobs. Make your work life Sulit!

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