Smart and Casual Men’s Accessories that are worth spending on

By Geo Cabral

When it comes to what men accessories, men usually have a tendency to make it simple and stick to the essentials. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s sometimes hard to find accessories that are both high quality, fashionable, and affordable for men. 

But not all hope is lost as we’ve compiled together a list of accessories that we think are essential to the everyday working man.

Time will tell

There’s nothing more iconic as a men’s accessory than a watch. It sits right between essential and style, but no doubt a watch is a classic piece to have. However, watches can sometimes be a little expensive, at least for good quality ones. But there are watches out there that not only look classy, but are affordable as well. One example is Sierro.

Sierro’s watches aren’t about glitz and glam; instead they have minimalistic designs, giving the focus to the practicality of watches themselves. It doesn’t try to be fancy or sporty, it’s just meant to be an everyday watch that you can depend on.

See Sierro’s products here:

Happy feet

It’s hard to deny how essential shoes are to the everyday working man. While it certainly is a necessity, it can get pretty difficult finding good quality leather shoes at budget friendly prices. It certainly shouldn’t be a hassle to get a nice pair of leather shoes for work, and with Leviathan shoes, it certainly isn’t.

Leviathan Shoes sells stylish leather shoes that are handmade in Marikina city. At the moment, they only have one design, but it’s the perfect pair to wear every day, whether for work, or just for casual outings.

Message them on their Facebook page to get your own pair today:

Carry on

When you’re always on the go, having a reliable bag to carry all your stuff is essential. It has to be comfortable to bring around, be able to protect your things well, and be durable. There’s tons of backpacks and sling bags and many other options out there, some durable but not very pleasing to look at, and some that’s all style but breaks too easily. With Gouache, it all meets right in the perfect middle.

Gouache started out with a line of camera bags, offering an option to the industry that’s both stylish and well-made. With the success of their first product, they introduced many more– from other variants of the camera bag, messenger bags, backpacks, and more. 

Their city bag is the perfect everyday sling bag, enough to carry around a few essentials. They material is also wax canvas, giving good protection from rain.

Get yourself one on their website:

Cash it in

A wallet is one of the most essential accessories out there. Men usually like to keep their wallets slim and easily pocketable, choosing to only keep cards and bills inside. Men rarely change wallets, and so something that is simple yet durable is important.

The Paul bi-fold wallet by Wors by Sol is one such example. Works by Sol sells a variety of high-quality leather products that are made to order. Most of his products revolve around photography gear, but he has other stuff too like passport holders, and of course, wallets.

His Paul bi-fold wallet boasts a simple design but it’s good quality and keeps to the essentials. What’s more is that he offers a lifetime warranty to your product. Now that’s a great deal!

Check out his work here:

There are lots of accessories out there for men, like money clips, sunglasses, card holders, etc. But the basics are what’s really important to be invested in, and good quality products that keep to the essentials are exactly the kind of accessories fitting for the everyday working man.


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