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Promo codes – Shopping Hacks that save you money all year round

Start Saving while shopping online, dapat sulit diba?

Online Shopping has become a part of our daily lives. Whether we go shopping at a mall or shop online, we spend hours searching for deals and discounts. Promo codes are a great way to save money on online purchases without having to pay full price.

There are several ways to obtain promo codes or Coupon codes. Some retailers offer them directly through their websites, while others give them away via social media. Once you’ve found a promo code, you’ll want to check its expiration date before using it. If it expires soon, you might want to consider buying another one. Some offer Gift Cards, which is good deal to buy.

With the rise of ecommerce, retailers are now offering promo codes to their customers. These codes allow shoppers to redeem discounts on items purchased through their websites. The problem is, some stores only offer promo codes once per day, and sometimes even less frequently. This means that you might miss out on saving money if you don’t check your email every single day.

Shop smart, and get the extra savings to get what you want for you or your loved one. No extra cost for you to claim the code, but savings are always welcome by any online shopper. 

Shopping is now Global

Shopping online is easier than before and your physical location no longer a hindrance to get what you want. It will cost a little more than usual bec of the extra fees and logisitics for delivery but nothing beats getting what you want, when you want it!

online shopping
online shopping

There is a promo code for that!

Every season offers treats and you just need to know where to look. Most online retailers are now at war for your money and the best way to get your attention is to give you the best deal possible. 

All online retailers have a reason to give you best detail, logistical nightmares are put to, a minimum now and you can show what you want. There is practically a new promo run each month and you just need to find and dig deeper. Here are the best occasions to shop and good deal.

To get best deals, best is to join the official mailing list to get alerts and know when it happens. Save money on future purchases by knowing when they happen.

Best time to Find Promos and Deals.

  1. Black Friday & Cyber Monday
  2. Christmas Season and After Christmas Sale
  3. Back to School Sale
  4. Summer Sale 
  5. 11.11 or Singles Day
  6. The Double digit sales 1.1, 2.2, 3.3, 4.4, 5.5, 6.6, 7.7, 8.8, 9.9, 10.10, 11.11, 12, 12
  7. Amazon Prime day
  8. Holidays – New year’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Labor Day, Halloween, Super Saturday. Independence Day

What to buy – Deals per month

January – What to Buy

After Christmas sale is where you can get the best deal on clothes and this usually extends to January, you can get the best deals on on winter clothes. This is a Philippine site, why are we talking about winter? We do because uniqlo goes on sale for their winter season items! 

In the US and some parts of the world, They hold “white sales” or a traditional sale on bath and bedding items. Best time to get your new linen and order them online using available promo codes.

New Year sales is also something to watch out for, since retailers will want to make room for new products for the year and dispose of the old one at steep prices that you can’t resist. 

February – What to Buy

Pre-Valentines sales is something to watch out for, deals on food, clothing and jewelry for your significant other.

Tax season is coming up and people look for ways to do tax reporting, best time to get deals on Tax software to get ready to make thos Payments properly.

Post-Valentine sales to clear our stock that wasn’t sold and clear up some shelf space since valentines is a yearly promo. You can find Jewelry deals with some crazy discount plans.

March – What to Buy

Best time to get ready for summer and watch out for all those deals on Travel, hotel and clothing for your summer trips!

Also good to check out the Graduation and after school sales for your kiddies, Also good time to get summer classes lined up to keep your kids busy during the long breaks.

April – What to Buy

Airline Seat Sales! – no better reason to explore the world by getting a good deal on your travel plans. Get matching luggage and outfits for the summer adventure.

Earth Day is getting bigger every year and now eco-friendly items have a time to hit the spotlight and catch your attention. Look for energy efficient appliances that go on sale (clearance items) Air conditioning, TVs, microwave and other tools that make life easier and cheaper while you use it.

Easter season, best time to celebrate the resurrection of Christ, with a little shopping on the side.  Deals available will be across any industry and niche. 

May – What to Buy

Mother knows best, so you better be prepared to reward your mother on her special day of the year. Gifts and goodies for women are all over across any industry and niche. Best day of the season to buy gifts for women.

Memorial day for the US to buy and get best deals on electronics. This is usually a 3-day weekend.

Labor Day in the Philippines – People usually go out of town and take this breather. Watch out for sales on flights, food and hotel deals. 

Back to School promos for some schools in the Philippines – usual sales on Shoes, bags and school related items including school supplies and laptops, ipads and phones. 

June – What to Buy

Father’s Day celebration – expect sales on things fathers love, menswear, shoes, clothing, watches, gadgets, TVs, audio equipment and more tech! 

Independence Day for the Philippines – expect treats from food and gift retailers

July – What to Buy

Amazon Prime Day! (btw Amazon has free shipping to the Philippines already) choose from among the 12M + products that amazon sell. You will need more than time to shop! 

With Amazon Prime day, comes everyone else trying to grab a piece of that pie, so expect every market place to be doing some sort of sale for your money. 

Independence Day for US – expect deals and promos from online retailers.

August – What to Buy

Back to School Sale – Expect sales from school suppliers, shoes, bags, laptops and related accessories. 

Expect Sales from summer promos and collections – sale on swimwear, travel accessories and more. It’s time to get back to school and next season will ultimately be another battle for online sales.

September – What to Buy

9.9 Mega sale from Lazada or Shopee, lots of vouchers and promos available.

Labor Day for the US and back to school sales. 

November – What to Buy

Every retailer has to join the black friday craze or be left. According to some reports Black Friday sales raked in $9B despite the fear of inflation setting in. This is where online retailers sales records usually get broken and that all depends on promos and deals they launch to entice the online shoppers. 

Black Friday

The day after thanksgiving and the craziest sales day of the year (no joke) watch videos on youtube about how crazy shoppers act when stores open for the day.

Cyber Monday 

Is the last hurrah of Black Friday and people that missed out on the Black Friday deals usually jump in get the deals they missed on black friday. This is where good products stand out and WOM (word of mouth) works best. Time to ask your friends what deals were worth buying on Black Friday.

December  – What to Buy

The season of giving! It’s the season for kids to enjoy toys and gifts from their parents, ninong, ninang and relatives.  

All industries and niches go on christmas sale. Discount on bundles and special season treats are up for grabs.

Post Christmas sale for clothes and more to clear out shelf and inventory for the upcoming year. 

In conclusion, promo codes aren’t just for Christmas anymore. They’re available throughout the entire year, and they can help you save a ton of money on anything from groceries to clothing to electronics. So whether you’re planning a trip to Boracay or heading to the mall to pick up a pair of shoes, keep these shopping hacks in mind, and you’ll never pay too much for anything ever again! This is works globally so best to plan your spending ahead of the season’s sales events!

Happy Sulit Shopping!

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