Jollibee’s All time Menu Favorites

Our all-time favorite food can be seen anywhere in the Philippines. It is sometimes our comfort food whenever we’re sad or even happy. You’ll be distracted just by smelling it or even simply passing by their store, and it is also a place where every family and friend gets together at one table. 

But have you ever experienced craving a specific food in their menu and rushing to the store to finally eat it? Are you one of those people who always pick their favorite food on the menu even if you repeat ordering that daily and cannot stop? Have you? If so, keep reading, and let’s talk about our favorite Jollibee foods together.

Jollibee Foods Corporation, or Jollibee, is undoubtedly the Philippines‘ most popular and largest fast-food chain. But, you’re not a Filipino if your childhood doesn’t come with spaghetti or classic chicken on your plate and a burger on your hand with matching messy food stains on your face. 

Products in Jollibee are so affordable that you can eat a delicious burger for less than fifty pesos. Moreover, super meals and value meals are also affordable so that you can eat a full-packed meal. In addition, collectible toys from their kiddie meals are sure to be for kids who love to eat Jollibee meals with lovely and fun toys.


To share with you my all-time favorite Jollibee foods, here are my top 5 foods on their menu that will surely bring back the memories you had back in your childhood days.


For chicken lovers out there, Jollibee’s best-selling chicken joy is what’s best for you. It is the kind of breaded chicken that is well cooked, crispy, and very juicy served with the delicious and addicting gravy sauce that will surely give you the urge to go back to the counter for a refill all over again. 

You can also match it with a drink, probably a coke or a coke float and jolly spaghetti or a yum burger as well, but you can still purchase it in solo, per piece, or even per bucket. It is also not fun to eat without the white and plain rice, so don’t forget to order it. For breakfast, chicken joy is a perfect match of garlic rice and egg. 

Having these foods on your table in the morning will make your whole day full of energy. Side dishes and desserts are also available to eat wholesome food like creamy soup, sundae, or tuna pie.

Here is a sample meal and a Jollibee ordering hack that you can order to the counter with the chicken joy in it to save more money.

  • 2pc chicken joy meal with extra rice and drink instead of ordering that you can also try ordering, 
  • 1pc chicken joy meal with drinks and another 1pc chicken without drink/ala carte 

You can also try ordering other separate meals to cover the other food you want in your meal, like spaghetti, rice, drink, and even your favorite side drink and desserts. Just don’t forget to do the math before ordering.

Jollibee launched their newest chicken on the menu called Sweet Chili Chicken. So if you want to spice up your food and try something new, you can try it. Expect a juicy and tender meat chicken coated with sweet-spicy chili glaze that only costs eighty-nine for solo order with plain rice. It is also available for four and six pieces.

You’ll surely be singing “isa pa, isa pang Chicken Joy!”


Imagine eating a 100% pure juicy beef patty with mushroom gravy and rice in less than one hundred. Isn’t it amazing? You can also have it in 1 piece or two pieces with a drink, and it’s up to you! It is also available and many more pieces in case you can’t get enough of it. A family pan is also a choice if you are tired of cooking your dinner at home.


A sweet red sauce on white noodles with a slice of hotdog, meat, and cheese is what jolly spaghetti is all about. They made it more cheesiest, meatiest, and sweet to fulfill their customer’s satisfaction. Particularly famous among kids, especially on birthday occasions. 

It is available in solo order, with drink, and in a family pan. Perfect combination with fries or with a yum burger that is best for your afternoon ‘merienda.’ In less than one hundred pesos, you can buy your jolly spaghetti with fries and drink. 


I think Jollibee’s fiesta noodles, commonly known as Palabok, is the most delicious Palabok that I have ever tasted. It is a thin noodle with thick orange sauce, meat, and shrimp, topped with chopped green onions and sliced hard-boiled egg for garnish. When mixed all together, a perfect noodle dish is created. Deliciously served warm at your table, best for your ‘lola‘ or mother who craves a scrumptious meal.

Palabok is commonly served with chick enjoy, rice, burger, and a different side dish or dessert of your choice. However, ordering whatever you like with it on the counter is definitely up to you; just be mindful of spending more money. 


Beef is what Jollibee is best of. Like the yum burger, it has a pure 100% beef patty that comes with their special sauce and a bun—cooked tender and juicy to meet everyone’s satisfaction. Every meal in Jollibee is incomplete with this. Ordering a rice meal is also incomplete without a yum burger on the side. 

Normally seen inside every kiddie meal together with the jolly spaghetti and the cheapest food you can get inside the Jollibee store. Well, aside from sundae cones, of course.

Besides this, some of the top tier Filipino add-ons are: 

  • French fries
  • Float
  • Tuna pie, Peach Mango Pie
  • Mashed potato
  • Twirly bits/Sundae
  • Buttered corn

Growing with Jollibee

Kids who grew up eating Jollibee meals know that getting food with a kiddie toy is priceless. Memories and occasions that happened inside of the Jollibee store will never be forgotten. 

Birthdays, graduations, family bonding, and getting together with friends happen once in a while here, so you might as well treasure them while you can while choosing your favorite Jollibee meals on their menu.

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