Introducing the Windows 10: Get Your FREE Upgrade Today!

Microsoft Edge

Windows 10

“It’s familiar. It’s productive. It’s flexible. It’s personal.”

If you’re stuck with Windows 7 because Windows 8 just doesn’t feel right for you (hello, where’s the Start menu??), then you might want to check out the Windows 10 and get a FREE upgrade while you’re at it.

Touted the “Best Windows ever”, the Windows 10 upgrade has been designed to work with the software and hardware you already have. Apart from an all-new look, the upgrade also has two stand out features: Microsoft Edge and Cortana.

Microsoft Edge
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Microsoft Edge is a new browser that comes with the Windows 10 upgrade. This browser lets users to browse quickly between pages, read your articles without any distractions (goodbye, Ads!), and it also allows you to make marks directly on the page and save or share them on the web. Pretty neat, huh?

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Cortana is a personal digital assistant that lives right in your computer, helping you find the information you need whenever you need t. (Basically, think Siri for PC.)

Apart from these two features, you also enjoy a more secure Windows Hello login and the ability to use your device however way you want it:

Touch Type Write Speak
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How to Upgrade to Windows 10 for FREE

Windows Icon
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1. To get Windows 10, simply reserve your free upgrade by clicking on the Windows icon located at the right end of your taskbar. Once the window opens, click on the “Reserve your free upgrade” button. Once the upgrade is ready, you will get a notification so you can upgrade right away.

2. For multiple PCs and tablets, you can also go to to download the upgrade into a USB or DVD.

Windows 10 Emulator

If you’re wary about leaving the comfortable confines of your old Windows, then you might want to try out this Windows 10 emulator first. Learn all about the upgrade before actually getting the upgrade.

Simple click here


**Windows 10 FREE upgrade is only available for PC and tablet. A separate version for Windows mobile is expected to be released soon.

Microsoft Edge
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