6 Romantic Wattpad Stories You Must Read

Nowadays, Wattpad is every generation Z’s go to thing. It is their escape from the real world and it became their comfort zone. When they are bored, they rely on different Wattpad stories with various genres exploring romance, hatred and pain. This very app became a source of entertainment to others and a helpful tool that improves one’s vocabulary because some words need deep understanding.

Over My Dead Body by RebelleFleur00

As an assassin, you have to kill your target to complete your mission. Ace De Luca (male character), has one job, and that is to make sure he will kill his target, Allegra. It doesn’t matter how he will do it, but he has to finish it. For eight years, he’s been trying to kill the infamous Allegra Grey (female character), and for those long years, he never succeeded. He wanted Allegra to die slowly but, in the process of doing his mission, he realized that killing her is hard especially when the fire inside him grows to a scorching blaze. Little did he know, he was falling, deeply and unfathomably. Will he be able to kill her? Or will he let the fire burn him alive?

Bulletproof by TahliePurvis

An eighteen-year-old Tyler Madden used to have everything but with one snap, his world turned the other way around. He escapes reality using blood and fist. He is an underground fighter – a story he is afraid to tell, but this comes to light when Francesca finds out. Francesca Howard, out of curiosity, wanted to know more about him. Not until she was faced by a dark reality, he fell with the man whom she knew nothing about. A man who solves problems by blood and fist, a man whom she never taught was within his league and the man who holds a lot of secrets. Little did she know, he would eventually fall for her. But it comes with consequences. Will they be able to handle it? Questions haven’t been completely answered and the future is still unknown. But that is the beauty of it. Anything and everything can happen.

Just One Night (MC Romance) by EmilyOller5

Nineteen-year-old Madelyn Jones went to a club for the very first time to celebrate her birthday with her best friend Katie. But faith is faith, it always has a little trick for you. They met someone unexpectedly and things started to mix until this guy decided to haunt them. This is not just any guy, because he is Jude Starwell, an elite and out of their league, gorgeous looking guy who owns one of the biggest clubs in Southern California. Why is he doing this? Is there a little dirty secret behind this? Will there be romance? Will this haunting session end with a burning flame for passion and love? Well, it is for you to find out. 

My Not So One Night Stand by Rebecca-Jade

A one night romance with a stranger is a typical love story but not until you get to experience this spicy story about friendship and a little bit of sex? Well, as a good friend, Luke taught Maya how to make any man crazy in bed. Little did they both know, Maya will soon apply what she learned on him with the help of tequila. With their friendship in line, will they pursue what they started? Do they have a hidden agenda for each other? Who was the first person to give up? Will the sacrifice of friendship be worth it?  

Damien by the_rebellionxx

What would you do if you were to tie a knot with a billionaire who knows nothing but pain and mischief? Well, lucky for us we are not Serena Mclane and we are not that obedient. Serena, all for her father’s love, engaged herself in a planned marriage without love but with money involved.  A business wedding to a handsome mischievous guy named  Damien Stryker will change her world. Within the phase of surviving this awful bond, Serena found herself falling in love, deeply in love. Why is this happening? Is there something about Damien that is worth loving? Will Serena receive the same love? 

Every Beast Needs a Beauty (GLS#1) by Jonaxx 

Being a damsel in distress is nothing compared to a life not worth living. Imagine living a life where you continuously seek for money, shelter and love. A life that requires you to survive daily. A life full of shame and judgment. Well, this is the kind of life Sunny has. She might be a beauty but her life is way too ugly for her. Despite this, she was able to manage it. Not until she met the beast, the beast who can change her life. A beast with a love to offer but is covered with mischief as well. Will they be able to find love amidst their chaotic world? Will Sunny be the beauty a beast needs? or is it the other way around? 

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