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19 Top Cat Hotels in Manila

Best Cat Hotel for your furry friend!

Are you an animal lover on the look-out for a new place to take your four-legged friend? Manila is home to lots of fun activities for people and pets alike.

Manila, the capital of the Philippines, is known for its vibrant culture and countless attractions. Pet owners in the city have a great opportunity to explore both in company of their loyal companions – cats. But what if you can’t bring your furry buddy along with you? Where can your pet stay while you enjoy some much-needed vacation time?

The answer lies in cat hotels. For locals and tourists alike, these facilities provide temporary lodging for cats at an affordable price. A wide variety of options can be found all over Manila, ranging from spacious condos to suites with luxury amenities. To make your search easy, here are 19 cat hotels in Manila that will make purring sound like second nature!

19 Top Cat Hotels in Manila

Snow Angels Pet Hub
Tiny Cat House by Pet Club Manila: Cat Boarding | Pet Hotel | By-Appointment Only
Makati Dog and Cat Hospital
The Paw Club
Nix Pet Nanny
Pet Meow Cat HotelNot found.+639399329186Makati
VIP Pet Hotel and Wellness CenterNot found.+63284707987Mandaluyong
Pet Starz Makati Branch
Paws for a break Pet Home board and lodging City
Smart Petshop???
PetMe BGCNot found.+639274386885Taguig
Valley Homestead Pet HotelNot found.Not found.Marikina
Dluxe Pet Hotel and SpaNot found.Not found.Quezon City
El Benjito CatteryNot found.+639298564889Makati
Great Stay Pet HotelNot found.+639065613046Manila
Cuddles Cattery PHNot found.+639173228865Makati
Pawthologist Pet Grooming ServicesNot found.+639755465626Makati
Hamugaway Pet Boarding & Day Care City
Lazy Paws Pet HotelNot found.+639198457810Mandaue City

8 Tips to Finding The Best Cat Hotel in the City

1. Research – Do your research and find a cat hotel with accommodations and amenities that are suitable for your pet’s needs. Make sure to look for reviews and ratings from other customers, as well as accreditation from the proper authorities in animal care.

2. Location – It’s important to pick a hotel that is close to you, so you can regularly check on your cat without having to drive too far.

3. Sanitation – Make sure that the hotel is clean and properly sanitized between guests, to avoid potential health risks for your cat.

4. Comfort – Cats like comfort when they travel, so make sure the cat hotel you choose has toys and comfortable beds for them to enjoy during their stay.

5. Veterinary Services – The right cat hotel should offer regular veterinary care services if required, so ask about the availability of those services beforehand.

6. Other Amenities – Most cats will appreciate other amenities such as aromatherapy or grooming services while they are staying at the hotel so making sure these are offered by the property can provide additional value to your pet’s experience while away from home.

7. Familiarity- Ask if it is possible for you to bring from home familiar items (beds/toys) or scents (colognes/perfumes) to make their stay more enjoyable and pleasant if they are very anxious when they travel abroad or in unfamiliar areas.

8. Feline-Friendly Hotel Staff – Finally, make sure that the hotel staff is experienced with cats and understands their needs better than anyone else! An experienced staff member will be able to provide professional advice when they need special care and how best to keep your pet happy during their stay.

In conclusion, when it comes to finding the perfect place for your furry friends to stay while you’re away, there are plenty of options in Manila. No matter what type of environment you and your cats prefer, there’s a cat hotel that fits the bill, be it convenient, affordable, or safe and secure. Whether you choose to stay at one of the locations listed here or opt for another place entirely, you will be taken care of with love and attention by the staff here.

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