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14 Best Helicopter Services in Manila

What are helicopter services?

Helicopter services refer to the provision of transportation, logistics, and other related operations using helicopters. These services involve the use of helicopters for various purposes, such as passenger transport, emergency medical services, search and rescue operations, aerial photography and videography, aerial surveys, offshore transportation, executive and VIP transport, and more.

Helicopter services are often provided by specialized companies or organizations that own and operate helicopters. They offer a range of services tailored to specific needs and requirements. For instance, in the case of passenger transport, helicopter services can be used for short-distance commuting, sightseeing tours, or transportation to remote areas with limited accessibility.

Emergency medical services (EMS) also utilize helicopters to provide rapid transportation of medical professionals and equipment to the scene of accidents or emergencies. These helicopters, commonly known as air ambulances, are equipped with medical facilities to provide critical care to patients during transit to hospitals.

Additionally, helicopter services play a crucial role in search and rescue operations, particularly in areas with challenging terrains or natural disasters. Their ability to hover, maneuver in confined spaces, and access remote locations makes them valuable assets in rescue missions.

Aerial photography and videography services employ helicopters for capturing stunning visuals from above. This is commonly used in filmmaking, news reporting, real estate marketing, and tourism promotion, as it offers unique perspectives and expansive coverage.

In the offshore industry, helicopters are employed to transport personnel and equipment to oil rigs, offshore platforms, or other remote installations. This mode of transportation saves time and ensures the smooth operation of offshore activities.

Here are 14 Best Helicopter Services in Manila

Helicopter ServicesCompany NameAddressTelephone NumberWebsite / Social Media
Airgurus Ltd. Co.Manila Domestic Passenger Terminal, Domestic Rd, General Aviation Area, Pasay, 1301 Metro Manila+63282749758http://airgurus.ph/
Asian Air Safari International, Inc.Ninoy Aquino Domestic Airport, Andrews Ave, Pasay, 1300 Metro Manila+63288512450http://asianairsafari.com/
Manila Helicopter ToursCorner Airport, Domestic Rd, Pasay, Metro Manila+639164915148http://manilahelicoptertours.com/
Seamless Logistics Services140 Jupiter, Makati, Metro Manila+639174651351http://seamless.ph/
Airbus Helicopters Philippines IncorporatedPADC Hangar 2, Manila Domestic Airport, Domestic Road, Pasay City, 1300 Metro Manila+63288513691http://www.airbus.com/
AirTaxi.PH ManilaPasay, Metro Manila, Pasay, 1330 Metro Manila+639088189999http://www.airtaxi.ph/
Ascent Urban Mobility Philippines Corp.192 Andrews Ave, Pasay, 1300 Metro Manila+63284242979http://www.ascent.flights/
Asia AircraftDomestic Road, Corner NAIA Rd, Pasay+639469353189http://www.asiaaircraftphilippines.com/
Asian Aerospace CorporationG2G4+P45, Lima Gate, Andrews Avenue, NAIA Complex,, Pasay, 1300 Metro Manila+63285555888http://www.asianaerospace.com.ph/
Beeline Helicopters IncorporatedG2P9+V5R, BMG Centre, Santiago Street, Paseo de Magallanes, Makati, 1232 Metro Manila+63289863745http://www.beelinehelicopters.com/
Helicopter Rentals PHMAPTRA Hangar 10 General Aviation Area, Manila Domestic Airport, Pasay, 1330 Metro ManilaNot found.http://www.helicopterrentalsph.com/
INAEC Aviation CorporationNinoy Aquino Domestic Airport, Pasay, Metro Manila+639175406373http://www.inaec.com.ph/
Pacific Global One Aviation Company, Inc.Delta Gate, PLDT Hangar, General Aviation Area, Domestic Rd, Pasay, 1300 Metro Manila+63288544801http://www.pacificglobalone.com/
PhilJets Aero ServicesG292+4G6, Airport Road, Pasay, Metro Manila+63288510639http://www.philjets.com/
Aero-Tour ServicesAAOP Hangar Domestic Road Corner 1301, NAIA Rd, Pasay, Kalakhang Maynila+639065003069https://aero-tour.info/
Discover and Beyond Luxury Travel5F, Phinma Plaza, Rockwell Center, 39 Plaza Dr, Makati, 1210 Metro Manila+639055640712https://discoverandbeyond.com/
World Aviation CorporationG2F2+P64, Domestic Rd, Pasay, Metro Manila+639951819912https://worldaviation.com.ph/

In conclusion, Manila offers a diverse range of helicopter services catering to various needs and industries. These services provide efficient and reliable transportation options, emergency response capabilities, aerial photography and videography solutions, and support for offshore operations. The advantages of using helicopters for transportation are numerous:

  1. Speed and Efficiency: Helicopters can bypass traffic congestion and reach destinations quickly, saving valuable time in crowded urban areas or during emergencies.
  2. Versatility: Helicopters can land and take off vertically, allowing access to remote locations, areas with limited infrastructure, or areas inaccessible to other modes of transportation.
  3. Flexibility: Helicopters can hover, maneuver in confined spaces, and land in tight spots, enabling them to serve diverse purposes and adapt to changing circumstances.
  4. Emergency Response: Helicopters are invaluable in emergency medical services and search and rescue operations, as they can rapidly transport medical professionals, supplies, and equipment to critical situations.
  5. Aerial Photography and Videography: Helicopters provide an elevated and expansive perspective for capturing stunning visuals, making them ideal for aerial photography, cinematography, and surveying.
  6. Offshore Operations: Helicopters play a vital role in supporting offshore industries, providing efficient transportation of personnel and equipment to offshore platforms and installations.
  7. VIP and Executive Transport: Helicopter services offer a luxurious and efficient mode of transportation for VIPs, executives, and high-profile individuals, ensuring privacy and convenience.
  8. Accessibility: Helicopters can access remote areas, islands, and mountainous regions, facilitating tourism, exploration, and the delivery of goods and services to underserved communities.
  9. Time-sensitive Operations: Helicopters enable time-sensitive operations such as emergency organ transportation, critical equipment delivery, or urgent personnel deployment.
  10. Safety and Reliability: Helicopter operators adhere to strict safety regulations and maintenance standards, ensuring a high level of safety and reliability in their services.

By capitalizing on these advantages, helicopter services in Manila offer a range of solutions that enhance efficiency, accessibility, and safety in transportation, emergency response, and various industries. Whether for business, leisure, or critical operations, helicopters provide a unique and valuable mode of transportation.

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