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Was It Worth It? Sulit Ba?: MINI Cooper Countryman S

Oxymoron, the Mini that isn’t

Space.  That’s what struck me when I first put my rather big frame inside the Countryman S.  This is a mini-SUV thus is bigger, has higher ground clearance and seating and a much roomier interior than the regular Mini Cooper that we all know.

The Countryman S is powered by a 2.0-liter Twin Power Turbo engine with an output of 192 HP that can make this MINI go up to 220 kms/hr.  That means this model goes from 0 to 60kph in about 7 seconds. We’ve therefore established that this baby is definitely not underpowered and can go on to the more important things about this review – the fun, the feel and the freedom.

A bit of history – Mini is a British Automotive name founded in 1959 and owned by BMW since the year 2000.  It is definitely a luxury car, or rather a luxury brand with an above average price that sells a unique design, great handling,  which altogether means a lot of driving fun.

Mini Countryman
Mini Countryman

Everyone literally recognizes a MINI Cooper when they see one on the road.  Part of the fun of owning a MINI is a unique design that only this vehicle can claim as its own making it one of the icons of the road. The Countryman S is the adventurer of the MINI group, being the most rugged yet still being sophisticated as evidenced by features like encircling driving lights around the headlamps, the sharper lines that shows a muscular frame but still with the “helmet roof” the MNI is known for.  The front grille, the side scuttles and just the size make the Countryman S a proud member of the MINI line.

Mini Countryman 6
Mini Countryman

Inside the Countryman S are all the bells and whistles of this luxury brand with their usual stylish, aggressive but classy interiors.  A start/stop knob that you press downward already signifies something different.  The round center console with mood lighting, the stitched leather seats, the raised speedometers all form part of the MINI interior that is certainly different.  There’s the usual Navigation system, multi-media functions attached to 6 Harman Kardon speakers.   At the rear, the Countryman boasts of over 17 cubic feet of trunk space and over 47 cubic feet when the rear seats are folded.  This one is definitely the MINI that isn’t.


Driving the Countryman S was well, MINI-full.  Despite the added bulk, it still handles like a true MINI where the responsiveness of the steering wheel is what the driver notices first.  I took full advantage of the gasoline engine by flooring the pedal on roads that opened up and the feeling was that of being inside something very sporty and small.  That feeling therefore of a MINI being able to cling to the road is still there and is still great!  Maneuvering on curved roads was easy and the temptation to floor the pedal to test the capabilities of the car was always there.

The ride quality isn’t soft – I clearly felt the potholes I drove over so comfort isn’t its best trait but that’s not to say it isn’t.  As a mini-SUV, it actually does well.  Your road trip with friends will ultimately be so much fun but a trip with family where everyone has to be comfortable might start to get complaints after a few hours.  Still, the MINI Countryman S screams a freedom of expression and uniqueness like no other.

Value for money at Php 3,850,000? MINI fans will say yes.  Regular car enthusiasts should check it out.  Definitely bang for the buck in my opinion.

So go check out the Mini Countryman S. on Details as follows:

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