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A collage of pictures of children playing with toy cars, presented by Volkswagen Philippines for The Child Safety Initiative.

Volkswagen Philippines presents The Child Safety Initiative


Volkswagen Safety

Volkswagen believes children should be protected utmost while traveling in the family car. The Child Safety Initiative aims to raise public awareness of the need for this child safety seat use. Safeguarding childhood by safeguarding child road safety is the idea behind this initiative.

FACT:  1.24 Million Road Traffic deaths occur every year! #1 cause of death among those aged 15-29 years. Every year, 260,000 children and teenagers are killed in road traffic crashes, and 10 million more are seriously injured.

Today Volkswagen introduced the Junior Driving Course,  a 50 sq meter driving course with VW push cars to teach children the basic rules of road safety. A professional instructor explains the importance of road safety visuals such as traffic lights, road signs like STOP, No entry, among others. After completion of course tasks, a junior driver’s license is issued.

Thank you Volkswagen for taking this initiative! Partners for the even include the Department of Transportation and Communication, GRSP Philippines, Safe Kids Worldwide Philippines. Media Partners include Motoring Today, The Philippine Star and TopGear

Volkswagen Safety Initiative Child Safety Inititative

The kids get a treat!  Their very own Volkswagen Junior Driver’s License .. to get the license the kids  need to register and attend the short seminar on road safety and this is their reward for completing the course! 🙂

Volkswagen junior drivers license

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