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This is Where You Should Spend Your Money On

Where to Spend Money On

Looking to upgrade your phone plan to the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge? Or are you looking forward to another shopping spree because one cannot have too many shoes, right? How about that new MacBook Pro? Or that new Jack Purcell signature shoes (even though you JUST bought a couple pairs of sneakers over the weekend)?

There are more than a thousand different ways to spend money. Just a trip to the mall can entirely wipe out your credit card limit in over a few hours. So rather than going all-out on one trip, why not spend it wisely on actual stuff that matters? Like, you know, yourself for starters:

If you’re lucky, you might already have a comprehensive medical and dental insurance at work. But don’t stop there. Remember that we only live as long as our bodies can. So take the time to spend a little extra on fitness programs, healthy food, vitamins, dental appointments, etc.

Go see the world. The quote “travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer” cannot be more true. Even bad experiences are memories that you take with you till the very end. Just think – a budget-friendly trip to Europe or around 4 countries in Southeast Asia can cost you about the same as that new MacBook. Trade that pining for a new gadget to pining for a backpacking trip in Siem Reap or a drift down the canals in Amsterdam.

One can never learn too much. Invest in yourself, take classes to further your knowledge. Love cooking? Join a cooking class. Want to learn calligraphy? Attend a workshop. Don’t be afraid that you’re too old (and way too cool) for school. Two nights out drinking can cost as much as an online class or a certification so what’s stopping you?

Add value to your life by spending your money wisely on experiences you can take with you. Nobody else can rob you of your memories, unlike that highly priced gadget that’s born to live its hype for only a couple of months. Remember that it’s always sulit to spend on yourself, right?

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