Spark Joy in Saving Mobile Storage: 5 Useful Apps Worth Every Megabyte

by Mikee Aganon

With the dawn of Mari Kondo and her minimalist philosophy, one might be surprised at how easy and applicable it is in managing storage on your iOS or Android phone. Mobile devices are far from what they were meant for in its early years. It’s now a portable super computer that we somehow integrate into our everyday lives. Sometimes, it’s arguably just as important as bringing an ID or wallet. Wallet? Check. Keys? Check. Smartphone? Check.

But with all the apps that are available and the limited storage on our phones, it’s so easy to take up unnecessary space or reach the maximum storage capacity of your device. Luckily, in streamlining your apps, there are five super sulit apps that you can download that are worth every MB on your device.

  1. Google Photos – Google photos is a revolutionary app in hassle-free back up and syncing. There is no need to hook up your smartphone on your laptop to transfer all your vacation photos. Google photos can do it for you, with the special option to “free up space” on your phone. It works in the background while you browse the internet, watch a video, or go through social media. It can automatically back up each photo without any fuss (you just need stable internet connection and voila!). It’s sulit because it’s free, easy, and efficient.Screen Shot 2020 01 20 At 11.07.49 Am
  2.   Google Drive – Another Google product that has been around a while is Google Drive. It continues to be an important slice of the pie on my phone’s storage. Users can easily access multiple documents, PDFs, spreadsheets, photos, etc. by simply connecting to the internet. No storage wasted on a PDF that you only need to access once. Of course, there is a monthly fee to increase the capacity of Google Drive, but it makes for a useful one-stop-shop cloud for all your important documents without taking up too much space.Screen Shot 2020 01 20 At 11.08.06 Am
  3.   Photoshop Express – Some people have several photo apps on their phones where they edit their carefully handpicked pictures for Instagram. However, there is an app that has such a wide range of functions, it’s all you need when editing photos. Photoshop Express provides everything to achieve the perfect IG feed. Time to delete all the unnecessary apps because when it comes to all photo editing concerns, PS Express can cover it.
    Screen Shot 2020 01 20 At 11.08.15 Am
  4.   Snapseed – Snapseed is an alternative to PS Express. It’s a one-stop shop for your photo editing needs. Similarly, it has a vast array of filters and adjustments for your photos. A plus for the app is that you can save a version where you can undo changes. It’s a more space efficient option to saving multiple versions of the same photo.Screen Shot 2020 01 20 At 11.08.21 Am
  5.   Bouncer – Bouncer removes permission for camera access, location access, etc. once the user exits the app they were on. It helps protect privacy and saves on battery by managing the permission for the apps in the background. It’s definitely worth the download because not only does it extend the battery life of your phone but it also helps minimize some of the unnecessary cache and cookies on your other apps.Screen Shot 2020 01 20 At 11.08.27 Am

With these five apps, you’re basically good to go for your files and photos! While not everyone has a 128GB storage, it really is possible to still have full access to your precious files without going over the limit. These apps give you the best value for the space it occupies on your phone. That way, you don’t have to worry about running out of space (for more photos or PDF books). So, if you plan on cleaning up your phone of the dozens of apps you decided to download on a whim, these are the five apps that you should consider keeping or downloading – apps that spark joy (or at least takes away the headache of managing your mobile storage).

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