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Listen: Best of OPM Favorites on Spotify

Best tracks from the world of OPM and pop.

Here are some OPM recommendations to help you find music to listen to and enjoy, new or old, its a playlist of hot Philippine hits available online.

Pinoy Music

This list comes from Spotify editors around the globe have extensive knowledge about music and culture, and make sure our playlists are created with the best listener experience in mind.

Spotify’s recommendations are tailored and fit to your unique style and behavior and habit of others with similar taste in music.

Timeless Pinoy Classics

The following playlist consists of timeless future Filipino OPM classics. It is the most comprehensive collection of NEW OPM songs that we hope you will enjoy.

Favorite OPM Songs

Have you searched the web for Pinoy OPM songs lately? we’ve found a playlist of some of the best OPM songs by Pinoy artists. One thing we noticed when we searched the internet was that the quality of OPM songs was inconsistent, so we decided to put together this list to help you find your favorite OPM songs.

OPM Favorites

Spotify is a music streaming service that lets you choose from millions of songs and playlists to listen to. If you go to Spotify and search for “pinoy”, you’ll probably see a lot of albums and songs by Pinoy OPM artists. Simply put, Spotify is a great place to find and share pinoy songs.

In summary, If you’re a fan of great OPM, you’d be happy to know that there are thousands of OPM music playlists on Spotify. You can explore these free music playlists to find a range of genres from pop, ballad, R&B, rock, and electronic music. This is a great way to introduce yourself to new OPM ballads and discover new favorite bands.