How to Apply for a PhilHealth ID

In order to have access to PhilHealth benefits, members have to provide their Member Data Record (MDR) and/or PhilHealth ID. Having a PhilHealth ID allows you to maximize your PhilHealth contributions. Here are the steps to take in order to acquire one.

How to Get a PhilHealth Membership

You need to apply as a PhilHealth Member First

If you are currently working under a company, your HR representative should accomplish your PhilHealth membership and deliver your ID. If you’re unemployed or self-employed, you have to register as a “Voluntary Member” to receive an ID and avail of the benefits.

PhilHealth Requirements

Firstly, the following requirements should be submitted at any PhilHealth Local Insurance Office (LHIO) to get your PhilHealth number which you should use when paying for monthly contributions.

  • Two (2) accomplished copies of the PhilHealth Member Registration Form
  • Two (2) latest 1×1 ID pictures
  • At least two valid IDs or a photocopy of your NSO Birth Certificate

How to Apply for a PhilHealth ID

If you’re already a PhilHealth member but you haven’t received an ID yet due to a recent shortage, you can claim it from any PhilHealth branch nationwide.

  1. Visit your nearest PhilHealth office and bring two valid IDs.
  2. Fill out a request form and make sure to tick “PhilHealth Identification Card (PIC)” box.
  3. Submit your form to the PhilHealth officer.
  4. Wait for your ID to be printed and issued.

PhilHealth ID and PhilHealth Insurance ID Card

There are two kinds of PhilHealth cards, the regular PhilHealth ID card, a paper ID that you can use when claiming inpatient or outpatient hospital benefits (members can claim this ID without charge at any PhilHealth LHIO), and the PhilHealth Insurance ID Card, a digitized ID issued to employed members. Your company’s HR representative can process this for you and you can also claim this ID for free at any PhilHealth LHIO.

Benefits of Owning a PhilHealth Insurance ID Card

Members with a PhilHealth Insurance ID Card still need to present their ID to avail discounts from drug stores and other participating establishments. This ID is also a valid government ID, which you can use as government-issued proof of identity. PhilHealth only issues PhilHealth Insurance IDs to employed and active members so make sure that your records are updated before applying for one.

How to Replace Lost PhilHealth ID

You would have to go through the application process again if you lost your ID. Besides the same requirements, you have to also submit an affidavit of loss. If your ID was damaged, surrender it along with your new application.

philhealth requirements and benefits

Here are 6 benefits of getting a PhilHealth ID.

1. Save Money

With PhilHealth ID, you can save money on hospital bills, medicines, and medical services.

2. Get Discounted Services

When you have PhilHealth ID, you will receive discounted rates for hospital services, medicine, and medical equipment.

3. Avail Freebies

PhilHealth ID holders can avail freebies such as free meals, free transportation, and free medical supplies.

4. Enjoy Special Privileges

PhilHealth ID holders enjoy special privileges such as priority access to hospitals, free rides in public transportations, and free admission to museums and parks.

5. Be Protected

PhilHealth ID holders are protected against identity theft and fraud. They are also given special protection against identity theft and fraud in case of lost or stolen cards.

6. Stay Healthy

PhilHealth ID holders have access to health information about diseases and treatments. This helps them to stay healthy and avoid illnesses.

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