Filipinos are known to be some of the world’s most passionate globetrotters. What if a truly great traveler suddenly began chronicling the most inspired, exciting, wild, and heady adventures of the world’s most well-traveled Filipino globetrotters?

“Galà: Adventures of the Most Well-traveled Filipinos” is a never-before-seen storybook celebrating the lives and exploits of twenty of the most illustrious Filipino hodophiles who have spent the best days of their lives in constant motion and discovery. From here to Timbuktu, this spectacular anthology of anecdotes follows the breathtaking escapades of the best adventure-seekers, many of whom emerged from exceedingly humble beginnings yet, through force of circumstance and sheer determination, were able to transform their
lives beyond their wildest dreams.

Acclaimed Filipino world-traveler Donalito Bales Jr. brings his trademark vision of curating the colorful experiences of twenty equally-accomplished wayfarers into a kaleidoscopic canvass of compelling narratives in this 399-page tome. It takes you through their personal journey.

As the pandemic crisis of Covid-19 has stretched across the globe amid stay-at-home orders, forced isolations, social distancing, and widespread loneliness, “Gala” wonderfully recaptures your sense of wanderlust and will leave you longing for more destinations to visit, cultures to experience, food to explore,
and people to meet.

Life is a wonderful gift. And as you discover the joys of travel through their narratives, this book will inspire you to take the leap of faith you’ve been waiting for all your life. Rather than waiting until you’re saying, “I wish I had,” it will make you wish to say, “I’m glad I did.” The book is available from Amazon and a free excerpt can be obtained from the website.

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