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Dapitan Arcade Goes Online!

“Ang layo eh.”

“Ang hirap puntahan.”

Are you one of those who have read about the famed Dapitan Arcade in Quezon City?  You’ve seen the available products, you’ve heard raves about the incredible finds and prices yet you’ve never made your way there because it’s just too far?

Well don’t fret! Sulit.PH brings to you, dapitanarcade.com the online counterpart of everyone’s favorite shopping haven.  For the 1st time, we bring new age shopping to a beloved and traditional market that sells everything from home items to hobby products.

Products are guaranteed to come from Dapitan suppliers and will also be available for wholesale.  Delivery will usually take 7-10 days depending on availability of products.

So don’t delay and check out our website!


Dapitan Arcade