Converge launches VISION, an online entertainment service.

Converge launches VISION, an online entertainment service

When it comes to buying a new TV box, you might think, “They all do the same thing and offer the same features”. However, there are benefits to choosing a specific TV box over another. Vision uses an android tv box, Android TV Boxes are smaller, slimmer and more powerful than your traditional set-top boxes. Users can enjoy the latest movies, TV shows, music and games, all on the go.

Android TV boxes are one of the newest devices to hit the market, and they are quickly gaining popularity. These devices are small boxes that connect to your TV and give you access to streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu and YouTube. You can also download and play games and watch your favorite TV shows.

What is VISION?

Vision is a product of Pacific Kabelnet (PKN) offered by Converge as a value added service that offers all in one entertainment experience. Through this service, you get to enjoy your favorite channels, access google apps and games, connect your devices and a lot more! The VISION service utilizes the Xperience Box for the best entertainment experience!

What is an Xperience Box?

The Xperience Box is the heart of Vision’s entertainment system, it is needed for you to enjoy live TV from your VISION subscription plan. This device also has android TV functionalities which enables you to access your favorite OTT apps, download other google apps, play games, and be in command with its integrated Google assistant. It also supports 4K streaming, Wi-Fi, and digital audio interface.

With the world of online streaming services and video streaming apps, video streaming has become so extraordinarily convenient. There are tens of thousands of video streaming services out there, but not all of them are worth your time. With so many services available, it’s hard to find the perfect one. Vision invites your to see the endless opportunity in online entertainment.

What are Converge Vision’s subscription plans?

Vision 99 + Vision 299 broken down in the table below.

The market for Internet-connected TV boxes is saturated, but it’s not done growing yet. While Roku, Amazon, Google and others claim to have the best TV boxes, the market is still in its infancy, and the top few are still worth checking out. This one is your all-in-one home entertainment package of Converge.

With all the different types of smart TV’s on the market today there is no doubt that technology is becoming very popular and we are now living in the world where the internet is an integral part of the everyday life. With the internet becoming more and more integrated on TVs and other devices we are now encountering various apps, sites, and other content that we can access on our TVs.

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