Coffeshop Chika

Coffeshop Chika Turns Twitterverse Crazy #TeamAmiga

Coffeshop Chika

Yesterday, while Pinoys were busy getting ready for lunch, Twitter user @ForEllice livetweeted a conversation she heard at a Starbucks. While real names and company name have been changed, she kept Amiga #1’s real name as Amiga #2’s joke wouldn’t be the same without it.

It’s a bit NSFW but there are no photos anyway, so go ahead and read the convo here:

The conversation ended there. Different online websites have picked up this feed. It was even featured on BuzzFeed Philippines where Ellie explains:

“#livetweets are something I do on the reg and I’m armed with intense typing skills and fast LTE. I had to do it, mostly because it was funny.”

Looking forward for more, @ForEllice!

So who are you in this drama: Amiga #1, Amiga #2, Amiga #3, or Rolly or Alfie?

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