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Cebu Hotels: 56 Best Beach Hotels in Cebu

Cebu is one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines. It has a lot of tourist attractions such as white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, lush green mountains, and historical sites. Cebu is known for its warm hospitality and friendly locals.

There are many benefits of visiting Cebu. Here are some of the top ones:

1. Experience the Culture

Cebu is famous for its rich culture. There are many festivals and events held every month. These include the Sinulog Festival, the Mutya ng Pilipinas pageant, and the Miss Universe Pageant.

These events showcase the beauty of Cebuano culture. They are very colorful and lively.

2. Explore Nature

Cebu is located near the Bohol Sea. This makes it an ideal place for diving and snorkeling.

It is also surrounded by several islands. Some of these include Lapu-lapu Island, Talisay Island, San Remegio Island, and Coron Island.

3. Enjoy the Food

Cebu is known for delicious food. People come here to enjoy the local dishes such as lechon, bbq, puso, paksiw, pochero, ngohiong, and sutukil

4. Visit Historical Sites

Cebu is home to several historical landmarks. Some of them include the Magellan’s Cross, the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño, and the Fort Santiago.

5. Stay Healthy

Cebu has a tropical climate. The weather is always sunny and warm.

This means that there is no need to worry about catching a cold or flu. You can easily visit the gym and exercise without getting sick.

6. Get Cheap Airfare

Airfares to Cebu are cheaper than those to Manila. If you want to save money, consider flying to Cebu instead of Manila.

7. Save Money

The cost of living in Cebu is lower compared to Manila. Cost of food is also much cheaper and your Php 100 can get you a complete meal in some areas of Cebu.

8. Spend Quality Time With Family

When you travel to Cebu, you can spend quality time with your loved ones. You can go sightseeing together, eat good food, and relax.

9. Find Affordable Accommodations

Accommodation prices in Cebu are much cheaper than those in Manila. You can find affordable hotels and resorts in Cebu.

10. Avoid Crowds

Crowds are common in Metro Manila. However, this is not the case in Cebu. In fact, crowds are rare in Cebu. This gives you more space to explore the city.

11. Experience Adventure Sports

Cebu offers adventure sports such as scuba diving, surfing, and parasailing.

12. Learn About History

Cebu was once part of the Spanish Empire. As a result, there are several historical sites in Cebu. You can learn about the history of the island and its people.

13. Discover New Places

Cebu is full of hidden gems. You may never know what you’re missing out on if you don’t visit Cebu.

So why wait? Start planning your trip today!

Plan your Trip to Cebu Today!

Cebu has a beautiful coastline. In fact, it is ranked as one of the best island destinations in Asia. The city itself is also known for its lively nightlife and amazing shopping malls.

There are several reasons why people visit Cebu. Some come because they love the white sand beaches, while others come to enjoy the warm weather. Whatever your reason, you should consider staying at one of these 56 beach hotels in Cebu. 

Here are the 56 Best Hotels in Cebu

Cebu Beach HotelCebu Hotels / ResortsContact
Beach Website
Social Media
Dusit Thani Mactan Cebu Resort+63328881388
Be Resort Mactan+63322368888
Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel+63322382700
Quo Vadis Dive Resort+639196879466
Solea Mactan Resort+63325178889
La Playa Estrella Beach Resort+63323167614Not found.
Shangri-La Mactan, Cebu+63322310288
Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort+63324024100
SugarSea Inn Diving Shop+639273531877Not found.
Tepanee Beach Resort+639661422354
Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort+63324810801
Badian Island Wellness Resort+639209526293
The Coral Blue Oriental Villas & Suites+63323168054
Blue Corals Beach Resort+639178612819
Maia’s Beach Resort+63324067743Not found.
Stay N Save B&B – 2 Star+97433378760Not found.
Bantayan Huts+639272089125Not found.
Blanco Beach Resort+639162355364
Seascape Beach Resort+639173287015
Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan+63324019999
Malapascua Exotic Island Dive Resort+639173070150
Cebu White Sands Resort and Spa+63322689000
Pescadores Seaview Suites+63325056733
Granada Beach Resort+639055027282
Moalboal T Breeze Coastal Resort+63323549219
Marlins Beach Resort+63324389093
Plantation Bay Resort and Spa+63325059800
Malapascua Beach and Dive Resort+639178213127
Allba’s Homestay+639664139353Not found.
Kandaya Resort+639176507752
Jaynet Oceanview Resort+639154703590Not found.
Cuestas Beach Resort and Restaurant+639054918673
Paradise reef resort+639124907008Not found.
Sascha’s Lodge Oslob – 1.5 Star+63324819155Not found.
Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort+639177101865Not found.
Hippocampus Beach Resort+639662389610
Mangodlong Rock Resort+639173292448Not found.
Looc Garden Beach Resort+63324859516
Santiago Bay Garden & Resort+639173292448
Kandugyap House by the Sea+63324389187Not found.
Pescador ViewNot found.
Fantasy Lodge Cebu+639177006027
Coco Seaview Beach House+639173206266Not found.
Slam’s Garden Dive Resort / Ocean Passion+639267853743
Amor En Beach House+639054070252
Bamboo Beachhouse+639169709000
Coco Grove Nature Resort+639999971723Not found.
Jpark Island Resort and Waterpark, Cebu+63324945000
Little Mermaid Dive Resort+639175626760Not found.
Maxvir Inn & Beach Resort+639438223171Not found.
Seafari Resort Oslob – 2 Star+639325587108Not found.
Buena Vida Resort & Spa+639152830258
Adams View Hotel+639672033295
sunset vista seafront guesthouse+639292733414Not found.
cebu beach hotels

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a place to spend a few days in Cebu, look no further than out list of the 56 best beach hotels in cebu. All the hotels have everything you could possibly need, from spacious rooms to a pool and spa to delicious meals. And did I mention its location? Right next door to the airport makes it perfect for travelers like us. We’d love to see you here! Enjoy Cebu!

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