Sulit Android App now on Beta Test – Buy and Sell on the Sulit App

The Official Sulit Android App is finally here! Join the Beta test for the Sulit App.
To facilitate the distribution of the Sulit App we have uploaded it to google play store  and designated it as beta software.

As beta software it is not publicly available on the play store but can be downloaded by beta testers if they sign up using this link:

Once someone uses the link and follows the instructions given there they will be able to download the sulit app as it would appear on the Google Play store.


Sulit Real Estate on the Android App. Checking your next condo purchase is much easier now!
Sulit Cars on the Android App. Seeing the available cars for sale is as easy as a click away! 
motorcycles on the Sulit Android App.  Faster to connect to buyers on the sulit app. Your next motorcycle hunting just got easier
Looking for Rentals? Find it in the Rental section of the Sulit Android App
Find your next Job right on the Sulit App!
Find your next rig or laptops here! Computers on the Sulit APP
Search function is available on the sulit, you can check buy and sell for anything interesting.
Contacting seller on sulit is as easy as clicking on the call/sms seller button, its right above the location of the ad poster to remind you if the AD placed is your
Keep up to date with the Latest post on the Sulit Blog.

We are continuously trying to improve our services and this app is a step closer to make it easier and more convenient to shop online! More updates coming soon! We welcome suggestions, please drop us a line!

Our Sulit iOS App is coming soon! Watch out for it!

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