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20 of the Best OPM Songs: Celebrating Filipino Musical Excellence

The Philippines boasts a rich and diverse musical landscape that has produced countless memorable tunes over the years. The world of Original Pinoy Music (OPM) is a mesmerizing collection of heartfelt ballads and energetic dance tracks, offering a wealth of songs that touch the soul and share captivating stories tied to the extraordinary Filipino culture. In this collection, we delve into 20 of the finest OPM songs that have captured hearts, stood the test of time, and continue to be the soundtrack to countless lives. These songs go beyond mere melodies. They embody the artistic brilliance of our country and serve as a mirror of the passionate and dream-filled Filipino spirit. Come and join us on a heartfelt journey through the melodic notes and profound lyrics that have beautifully crafted the rich musical heritage of the Philippines, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of countless souls across the world.

20 of the Best OPM Songs: Celebrating Filipino Musical Excellence

RankSong TitleArtistYear ReleasedDescription
1BuwanJuan Karlos Labajo2018A song about longing for someone who is far away.
2Kahit Ayaw Mo NaThis Band2019A song about accepting that a relationship is over, even if it’s not what you want.
3Kung ‘Di Rin Lang IkawDecember Avenue and Moira Dela Torre2018A song about two people who are meant to be together, even if they’re not together right now.
4Kathang IsipBen&Ben2018A song about the power of imagination and how it can sometimes be better than reality.
5SanaI Belong to the Zoo2017A song about hope and the belief that things will eventually get better.
6Di Na MuliItchyworms2005A song about heartbreak and the pain of moving on.
7TagpuanDecember Avenue2017A song about fate and how two people are meant to find each other, no matter how long it takes.
8DalagaMoira Dela Torre2018A song about a strong and independent woman who is not afraid to be herself.
9Hanggang Sa HuliSarah Geronimo2014A song about love that will last forever.
10TalaIV of Spades2018A song about the beauty of the night sky and the power of dreams.
11PaglisanEraserheads1995A song about the end of a relationship and the pain of letting go.
12IkawParokya ni Edgar1996A song about love and the importance of being true to oneself.
13Umaaraw, UmuulanSide A1988A song about the ups and downs of life and how to keep going even when things are tough.
14ToreteRivermaya1994A song about rebellion and the fight for freedom.
15EwanSponge Cola2004A song about the confusion and uncertainty of love.
16Araw-ArawUp Dharma Down2009A song about the beauty of everyday life and the importance of appreciating the small things.
17Huling SayawKamikazee2006A song about letting go of the past and moving on to a new chapter in life.
18TadhanaDecember Avenue2017A song about fate and how it can sometimes lead us to unexpected places.
19Ikaw at AkoYeng Constantino2006A song about the power of love and how it can overcome anything.
20LigayaRico J. Puno1988A song about the joy of being in love and the happiness that it brings.

Sample Our Best OPM Songs Below:

Buwan – Juan Karlos Labajo

Kahit Ayaw Mo Na – This Band

Kung ‘Di Rin Lang Ikaw – December Avenue and Moira Dela Torre

Kathang Isip – Ben&Ben

Sana – I Belong to the Zoo

Di Na Muli – The Itchyworms

Tagpuan – Moira Dela Torre

Hanggang sa Huli

As we conclude this magnificent musical adventure through the 20 finest OPM songs, it becomes evident that Filipino music is a sublime manifestation of the art’s ability to transcend barriers and deeply resonate with the human spirit. The diverse genres and timeless lyrics of these songs have truly embedded themselves in the very essence of Filipino culture, making them an indispensable component of the nation’s identity.From love and heartbreak to resilience and hope, these songs have mirrored the joys and struggles of everyday life in the Philippines.

The beauty of OPM lies not only in its melodies and harmonies but also in its ability to tell stories that resonate deeply with listeners. It’s a celebration of shared experiences, emotions, and dreams that forge connections between individuals across generations. Each song encapsulates a moment in time, a feeling, or a sentiment that continues to reverberate through the hearts of those who listen.

As we conclude this exploration of Filipino musical excellence, let’s remember that OPM is an ongoing journey. New talents will rise, and new anthems will be created, adding to the rich tapestry of the country’s musical heritage. Whether you’re belting out timeless tunes or uncovering the newest chart-toppers, the captivating melodies of OPM persistently ignite our hearts, providing solace and motivation in a harmonious symphony that unifies us all through the transcendent power of music.