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8 Tips for Buying Secondhand Cars


“Hassle mag-commute! Sira na naman yung MRT! Napaka-delikado mag-taxi ngayon!”

Manila traffic is hell. Everyone who has been late to work due to the long lines of the MRT or the heavy traffic in EDSA or C5 can attest to that. How many times have you wished for the peace of mind and the blast of cold air from the comfort of your own vehicle? If you’ve been thinking of purchasing a secondhand car just to get your own space in the mess that is local traffic, we got your back. Apart from providing you a variety of used cars for sale over at, we’ve also conveniently listed down top tips to help you decide before you buy.

List and Review
To get real value for your money, make a comprehensive list of the cars that you want to actually look into, without going way past your budget. List car specifications, model, etc. to help trim down your wish list. Are you more comfortable using M/T or A/T? Do you prefer an SUV or a smaller car? Compare prices and read user reviews. Listen to what previous owners have to say about the car model you’re looking for. Make sure to exhaust all possible scenarios to help you narrow down the type of vehicle you and your family needs versus the type you want.

Schedule a meet-up with the seller
Just because the online ad shows a quality photo of the Nissan Sentra model you’re looking to buy, never rely on the ad alone. Take time to meet face-to-face with the seller so you can see the car for yourself. You might like what you see or get disappointed but at least you get the real deal.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions
Learn the reason for the sale, ask about what repairs have been made to the vehicle, know how long the car has or hasn’t been in use, what was the longest trip they’ve taken the car to, ask if it’s a gas guzzler, if it makes noises, if there’s something wrong with the air conditioning unit, etc.

Have the car inspected
You can either request that the seller meet you at your trusted mechanic’s place or have your mechanic go to the meet-up with you so he can thoroughly inspect the vehicle.

Consider resale value and maintenance costs
A car’s resale value is usually affected by the brand and make of the vehicle, availability of service centers for manufacturer or refurbished parts, etc. Cars makers like Honda, Mitsubishi, and Toyota has been servicing Pinoys the longest, which gives these brands a higher resale value than emerging makes such as Hyundai or Kia.

You wouldn’t buy a dress or a shirt or a shoe without trying them on first, right? Well unlike pieces of clothing, used cars don’t usually come with a refund slip. So take it out for a test drive and check for yourself whether the car is in good condition or not.

Learn how to haggle wisely. If you can’t make the seller lower their asking price, ask if they can throw in car insurance, accessories, or anything to add value to your purchase.

Be involved in the paperwork
Make sure to get a copy of the OR and CR. Go to the Land Transportation Office (LTO) or Traffic Management Group (TMG) to check whether the vehicle’s got a clean title. If it still has the old car plate, ask whether that has been changed before and what’s the reason behind it.

It’s really trickier buying a used car instead of a new one but if you play your cards right, you’ll get the best value for your money. Dapat laging sulit!

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