A scenic view of a Zambales beach at sunrise with gentle waves lapping the shore. The golden sunlight illuminates the sky, casting a warm glow on scattered clouds. The calm ocean stretches to the horizon, blending into the sky where the sun peeks just above the water's edge—truly one of the best Zambales resorts.

62 Best Zambales Beach Resorts to Try

Hey there, beach lovers! ? Ready to discover your next sun-soaked getaway? If pristine shores, crystal-clear waters, and the soothing sound of waves are your idea of paradise, then Zambales should be at the top of your travel list. Nestled in the heart of the Philippines, Zambales is a coastal gem boasting some of the most stunning beach resorts you’ll ever find. Whether you’re seeking a tranquil escape, a family-friendly adventure, or a romantic retreat, this list of 62 amazing Zambales beach resorts has got you covered. So, grab your sunglasses, pack your swimsuit, and let’s dive into the best spots where you can relax, rejuvenate, and create unforgettable memories. ??

62 Best Zambales Beach Resorts Near You!

Zambales BeachName of BeachAddressWebsiteTelephone
HERMANAS BEACH RESORTSABANG ROAD, Santa Cruz, 2213 Zambaleshttp://www.hermanas.com.ph/+639228886647
Ohana Beach Resort, Botolan, ZambalesUnnamed Road, Botolan, Zambaleshttps://www.facebook.com/Ohana-Beach-Resort-105033021278725/+639275537194
CORIZ Beach ResortPurok 2, Santa Cruz, 2213 Zambaleshttps://www.corizresort.com/+639171565891
Brisa De Jardin Beach ResortBrgy, Candelaria, 2212 Zambaleshttps://m.facebook.com/BrisadeJardinbeachresort/+639955313433
Villa Janella Residences & Beach ResortVilla Janella Residences & Beach Resort Village, San Antonio, 2206 Zambaleshttps://www.facebook.com/villajanella+639276903590
YELLOW SLIPPER BEACH RESORTsitio talisay, Unnamed Road, Cabangan, Zambaleshttps://www.yellowslipperbeachresort.com/+639173171706
Villa Norway Beach ResortPurok 278 brgy, Lipay Dingin, Iba, 2201 Zambaleshttp://facebook.com/vnbr2018Not found.
Monty’s Riverside View ResortPundaquit Rd, San Antonio, 2206 Zambaleshttp://montys.ph/+639219867459
Haya Nature ResortLot 7409, CAD. 614-D, Botolan, 2202 Zambaleshttp://www.hayaresort.com/+639338287166
Kwentong DagatBrgy Sto Nino Purok 11 Liwliwa, San Felipe, 2204 Zambaleshttp://www.kwentongdagat.com/Not found.
RedDoorz @ White Castle Beach Resort Iba ZambalesBarangay Lipay Dingin, Iba, 2201 Zambaleshttps://hannahlovestotravel.com/white-castle-beach-resort-philippines+63282498745
The Penta Beach Resort San NarcisoBactad St, Purok 3, San Narciso, 2205 Zambaleshttps://www.thepentabeachresort.com/+639171928800
Zambawood ResortPurok 1B, San Narciso, 2205 Zambaleshttps://www.zambawood.com/+639159914715
Costas de Liwa Bar and Beach ResortLiwa Liwa, San Felipe, Zambaleshttps://costasdeliwa-barandbeachresort.zoombookdirect.com/+639691692919
Out Back ResortV725+C7C, Olongapo, Zambaleshttps://elenastravelexperience.com/out-back-philippines+639199563185
Villa Salvacion Beach ResortSittio Agoho Purok 7, Cabangan, 2203 Zambaleshttps://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100083306922245&lst=1647642618%3A100083306922245%3A1665534713&eav=AfbbQOBMr9buGj1cuifpCJxo2rWOFBpY_wFge3ySBFwVWCjb0IiNv2OhWRtt-X5BkRU&fref=nf&pn_ref=story&paipv=0+639509354247
Promised Land Beach ResortSitio Liwliwa, San Felipe, Zambaleshttps://promisedlandbeachresort.com/+639266854006
RedDoorz @ Prince JB Beach Resort ZambalesPurok 1A, San Narciso, Zambaleshttps://www.reddoorz.com/en-ph/hotel/philippines/zambales/san-narciso/reddoorz-prince-jb-beach-resort-zambales?utm_campaign=webclick&utm_medium=mybusiness&utm_source=google+63282498745
Kapitan’s Liwa Surf Resort Sitio Liw-Liwa, San Felipe, ZambalesLiwliwa Sitio Liw Liwa, San Felipe, 2204 Zambaleshttp://facebook.com/Kapitansliwa+639209070412
The Lighthouse Marina ResortCentral Business District, Block 4, Lot 1, Lighthouse Drive Moonbay Marina Complex, Waterfront Rd, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, 2222 Zambaleshttp://www.lighthousesubic.com/+63472525000
Pundaquit BeachW3C6+GGF, San Antonio, Zambaleshttp://www.pundaquit.com/+639186580001
Waikoloa Hotel and Resort52RH+4V9, Cabangan, Zambaleshttps://waikoloaresorts.com/Not found.
ACEA Subic Beach ResortSan Bernardino Road, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, 2200 Zambaleshttps://www.acea.ph/+63472522232
Brivas Beach ResortBrgy, Molino Street, Santa Cruz, Zambaleshttps://www.facebook.com/brivasbeachresort/+639997194316
Eden Beach Resort ZambalesCabangan, Zambaleshttp://edenbeachresortzambales.com/+639674559385
Bakasyunan Resort and Conference CenterBarangay, Sitio Lawak, Iba, Zambaleshttp://www.bakasyunanresort.com/+63286688986
Club Morocco Beach Resort & Country Club0315, Cabitaugan Cawag, Subic, 2209 Zambaleshttp://www.clubmoroccosubic.com/+639215498465
Seasun Beach Resort & HotelSabang 2213, Zambales – Pangasinan Rd, Santa Cruz, Zambaleshttp://www.seasunbeachresort.dk/+639190074925
Treasure Island Resort50 Baloy Long Beach Rd, Olongapo, 2200 Zambaleshttp://www.treasureislandsubic.com/+63472238890
Club Monet Beachfront Resort by CocotelFelmida- Diaz, Cabangan, Zambaleshttps://bit.ly/CocotelClubMonet+639173077462
Bahay sa Nayon Beach ResortPurok 4, Iba, 2201 Zambaleshttps://www.facebook.com/bahaysanayon/+639693138490
Bliss & Beach ResortPurok 5, Barangay, Palauig, Zambaleshttp://facebook.com/BlissAndBeachResort+639174654517
Capones Vista Beach ResortBrgy Pundaquit, San Antonio 2206, San Antonio, Zambaleshttp://www.caponesvista.com/+63476031382
Mangrove Resort HotelBaloy Long Beach Rd, Olongapo, Zambaleshttp://www.mangroveresortsubic.com/+63472222724
Istana Baylon Beach ResortProper, Candelaria, Zambaleshttps://istanabaylonresort.com/+639150948885
Camp Rofelio Surfing Beach Resort23X5+PG4, Sitio Liwliwa Brgy Sto Nino, San Felipe, 2204 Zambaleshttps://www.camprofelio.com/+639695159967
Magalawa Island Armada ResortFVVX+VC4, Palauig, Zambaleshttps://www.facebook.com/ArmadaResort/+639209483303
Dawal Beach ResortMWCM+433, Rizal St, Candelaria, 2212 Zambaleshttp://www.dawal.com.ph/+639164555370
Qwaider Beach Resort (Q Beach Resort)Talisay, Barangay, Cabangan, Zambaleshttp://www.facebook.com/qbeachresort+639178970792
Mango’s Beachfront Resort Hotel116A RH 5 National Hwy, Bo Barretto, Olongapo, 2200 Zambaleshttp://www.mangossubic.com/+63472234139
Pundaquit Luxury ResortBrgy, San Antonio, 2206 Zambaleshttp://www.pundaquitluxuryresort.com/+639297593669
Rama International Beach ResortKm. 189 National Rd, Binoclutan, Botolan, 2202 Zambaleshttp://www.ramabeach.com/+639216331204
The Palms Resort & BarPurok 1-A, The Palms Resort & Bar, Ramos St, San Narciso, 2205 Zambaleshttp://www.thepalmsresortandbar.com/+63472720196
Whiterock Beach Hotel & WaterparkPurok 3, Subic, 2209 Zambaleshttp://www.whiterock.com.ph/Not found.
O’Connor Beach ResortPurok 7 sitio agoho, Cabangan, 2203 Zambaleshttps://oconnorbeach.resort.com.ph/+639090556865
Palmera Beach ResortNational Highway, Iba, 2201 Zambaleshttps://palmeragardenbeachresort.com/+639085031416
Monte Carlo Beach ResortPurok 5 Dingin Street, Iba, Zambaleshttps://www.facebook.com/monteCarloIbaZambales+639285208782
GOOD GUYS BEACH RESORT & RESTAURANTBotolan, Zambaleshttp://beachresortzambales.com/+639664024899
Funtasea Hotel and Beach ResortPurok 5 Special, Iba, Zambaleshttp://www.funtaseabeachresort.com/+639164646685
Potipot Gateway ResortPotipot Gateway, Candelaria School Of Fisheries Rd, Candelaria, 2212 Zambaleshttp://www.potipotgateway.com/+639773061095
Pundaquit Sun and Surf ResortPurok 5, Pundaquit, San Antonio, 2206 Zambaleshttp://www.pundaquitsunandsurf.com/+639156151275
Youhan Beach Resort by CocotelSan Miguel, San Antonio, 2206 Zambaleshttps://bit.ly/CocotelYouhan+639173077462
Limliwa Beach ResortSitio Liwliwa, Baranggay Sto. Niño, San Felipe, 2204 Zambaleshttps://www.facebook.com/limliwabeachresort/+639279147932
Ruiz Beach ResortFVWX+FCJ Island, Palauig, Zambaleshttps://www.facebook.com/MagalawaRuizisland/+639294670505
By The Sea Resort Hotel99 RH 5 National Hwy, Olongapo, 2200 Zambaleshttp://www.bythesea.com.ph/+63472224560
D’Resort Beach ResortAranas Street Purok 5 2205, San Narciso, Zambaleshttp://www.dresortlapaz.com/+639605255209
MOPE Beach ResortPurok 5 Aranas Street, San Narciso, 2205 Zambaleshttps://www.moperesort.com/+639088632697
C&J Sunset View ResortFelmida Rd, Botolan, Zambaleshttps://cjsunset-view.com/+639989909651
Mommy Linda Beach ResortFelmida Rd, Cabangan, 2203 Zambaleshttps://mommylindabeachresort.com/+639212721455
Loading…Marimar Beach Resort8XW8+WQM, Zambales – Pangasinan Rd, Iba, Zambaleshttp://marimarbeachresort.weebly.com/+639175321852
Isla Vista Beach ResortMWFJ+4M5, Ealdama, Candelaria, 2212 Zambaleshttp://www.islavistabeachresort.com/+639209696845
Indira Beach House ZambalesPurok 1, Brgy, Botolan, 2202 Zambaleshttps://www.facebook.com/IndiraZambales/+639688561742


And there you have it, beach lovers—62 incredible Zambales beach resorts that promise sun, sand, and unforgettable memories! Whether you’re planning a solo retreat, a fun-filled family vacation, or a romantic getaway, Zambales has something for everyone. From luxurious resorts with all the amenities to hidden gems perfect for a peaceful escape, this coastal paradise is waiting to welcome you with open arms.

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip, pack your bags, and get ready to experience the best of Zambales. And don’t forget to share your adventures with us—tag your photos, and let us know which resort became your personal favorite. Happy travels, and see you on the beach! ?????