7 Favorite Dog Parks in the City

dog parks manila
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Are you looking for a fun place to take your pooch on the weekend? Dog parks provide a great way to exercising, playing, and socializing with other people’s pets. There are many wonderful places for four-legged friends to explore and enjoy in the city.

Cities around the nation have come to recognize that these public areas give dogs and their owners an opportunity to not only get some exercise, but also socialize with other pet owners. Dog parks create a safe and stimulating environment where canines can play freely off leash, explore new terrain, and just have some good old-fashioned fun.

If you live in an urban area and seek quality recreation opportunities for your four-legged fur buddy without heading too far from home, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of 7 favorite dog parks in the city that you’re sure to love. Read on as we unveil all the details – where they are located, what they offer your pup, parking availability, etc. – so you can start planning your next canine adventure!

7 Dog Parks in Manila to Visit

Photo of ParkName of ParkWebsite / Social MediaAddress
The Barkyard at Circuithttps://www.facebook.com/AyalaMallsCircuit/H2G9+6X2, Upper Ground Floor, Circuit Lane, Riverfront Dr, Makati, Metro Manila
Central Bark BGCNot found.24th St, Taguig, 1630 Metro Manila
Folk Arts PlazaNot found.HX4J+GRV, Eduardo A. Makabenta Sr. St, Pasay, Metro Manila
The Paw Parkhttps://sm-aura.com/pawparkreg/SM Aura Premier, 26th St. cor. McKinley Parkway, Brgy. Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
Barkyard Vertis NorthNot found.M22P+PCG, G/F, North Ave, Quezon City, 1105 Metro Manila
Barkyard U.P. Town CenterNot found.M32G+R2C, U.P. Town Center Cinema, Katipunan Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Royal Canin Paw ParkNot found.Sky Ranch, Tagaytay – Nasugbu Hwy, Kaybagal South, Tagaytay, Cavite

5 tips to keep your dog healthy and fit

1. Make sure your dog is getting enough exercise daily: Exercise helps to keep your pup healthy and fit. Make sure to give him at least one hour of exercise a day via walks, runs or playtime with other pups.

2. Monitor his diet: It’s important to feed your pup a balanced diet so he gets all the essential vitamins and minerals he needs to stay healthy and active. With that said, make sure to watch what you’re feeding him closely as there can be certain ingredients or treats that can cause health issues in certain breeds of dogs.

3. Keep their environment clean & hygienic: Keeping your pup’s environment clean is very important for their health and wellbeing. Make sure that his area is swept and mopped regularly, as well as any litter boxes, beds or blankets cleaned with an anti-bacterial cleaner.

4. Take them for checkups regularly: Taking your pup to regular vet appointments is also important for their overall health and wellbeing. The vet will check if there are any underlying medical conditions or if vaccinations need to be updated, as well as any behavioural issues that need addressing – such as anxiety or aggression towards other animals/people etc…

5. Spend quality time together: Lastly, it’s crucial to spend quality time together so you can bond and develop a strong relationship between owner and pet! Play fun games with them such as hide & seek or fetch the ball (both indoors & outdoors) – this helps boost mental stimulation which makes them healthier & happier overall!

In conclusion, these seven parks are just a small sample of the great places to bring your pup in the city. No matter what type of atmosphere you’re looking for or how much space you need, there’s something out there that is sure to suit your needs.

So if you’re ready to let your pup get some exercise and let their puppy personality shine, head off to one of these hot spots! With plenty of dog parks located across town, you and your four-legged friend will have a great time exploring all that the city has to offer together.